Bike Locks for Kids and Youth

Bike Locks for Kids/Youth- get Safe, be Secure

Make sure they can keep there bike safe and gear secure.
Coiled Combination Lock on bike. On Guard Locks. goRide
Easy to Use Combination Lock
On Guard Coiled Combo Lock

Light and small so  easy to use & carry. Great for locking bike at school, sports training , the library. Suitable for moderate to low risk environments… LEARN MORE

Oxford Sentinel:Bracket:Keys. U Lock. goRide
A Lock for High Risk
Oxford Sentinel+ Shackle Lock

 This U-lock is a great thief deterrent for high risk areas, valuable bikes or if your bike is left for long periods of time …. LEARN MORE

HipLok Z orange. Security Tie. goRide
Simple Gear Security 
HipLock Z Lok

The ultimate in simple design for securing accessories & other sports gear.  A reusable, steel core security tie. Help kids keep their gear safe and secure . Also available as a two pack…. LEARN MORE

HipLok lock & light. goRide
Portable Lock & Light Combo
HipLok Flx Bike Lock & Light

 This retractable lock is great for quick stops in low risk areas.  Ideal for  mountain biking or longer rides when you may need to leave your bike unattended. The ultimate lock for carrying  minimal gear and keeping your load light –  this lock & light combo is ideal  …. LEARN MORE

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What is the best bike lock for YOU?  Your success is different to others… use our stories and support… get the right bike lock.