Retractable Combination Lock & Light


get Safe, be Protected with Retractable Combination Lock & Light – carry and have the confidence to leave your bike.

Solution for… a compact and lightweight retractable bike lock and light offering the ultimate in portability for quick stops in low risk areas.  Get security, safety and comfort when carrying minimal gear.  It is thought that 85% of theft is opportunistic so protect your gear with this simple, easy to use bike lock.  Clip on to carry and you have a rear safety or visibility light giving you added protection on the road.

Features:  Set your own unique 3 digit combination sequence on the easy to read dial mechanism.  This clip on lock has the added feature of a red LED light giving you visibility when needed in traffic or low light.

DELIVERY: Please click for detailed information of the cost to deliver the Lock & Light (small item $3) within 3-5 working days. You can buy as many products as you like and you will only pay postage for the largest item (except if you are buying multiple large items)

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HipLok ‘Flx’ Retractable Combination Lock & Light is right for you because;
  • it is a 1m braided steel retractable combination lock, designed to be used in low crime areas or for quick stops.  Most urban theft is opportunistic so any lock is better than none. The light is a great addition to your visibility while riding in traffic
  • perfect match to commute riding, urban riding or for road riders who like to carry minimal gear – extremely lightweight
  • the lock is not self retracting unless the activation button is held in – making this lock safer to use.  The length provides you with options of what you can lock your bike to – posts, poles, fences etc
  • small, square (75mm x 75mm x 20mm) & lightweight (102grams), designed to be clipped onto a pocket or bag, so portable, such good functional design & gives you two products in one
  • has a rotating dial lock barrel with unique combinations – no hassle of carrying a key – remember your own number sequence
  • LED 10 lumen, rear visibility light, has two modes – steady & flashing.  Batteries included – LR44 x2
  • batteries will last 20hrs on constant, 40 hours flashing.  A great light to have to increase your presence in traffic – flashing lights catch drivers attention and we recommend you use a rear light every time you ride in mod to heavy traffic environments and in all poor weather situations that create low visibility for drivers
  • clip & ride system of fastening your lock to your belt, waistband, pocket or bag.  This variety and ease of use means you can use the light in all riding situations no matter what you are wearing or carrying with you
  • made by HipLok who design unique and functional bike accessories for urban riders
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