Comfort on your bike is very closely associated with your bike saddle (seat).  The correct support & cushioning, along with shape makes a huge difference to your riding experience.  So if your current saddle is causing you “problems” – chaffing, numbness or pain or it’s simply worn out – get a new saddle.  Learn how to attach a bike saddle in this story so that the whole process is doable & quick.  We’ve even made a short video to help with the learning process…


get Ready – Women Learning Bike Parts

Your saddle attaches to your bike at the very top of the seat post where the rails under the seat are clamped onto the post.

What tools will YOU need? A allen key or a spanner is all you will need.  Take a look at the place where your saddle fits onto your bike.  You will either have a screw that will need an allen key or a bolt that will need a spanner.

What bike saddle should I choose?  This is a personel journey for each person who rides a bike.  There is no one size fits all solution here so you have to do some research to understand what you should be looking for.  Start with these resources…

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How to Attach a New Bike Saddle
  1. Undo your old saddle using either the allen key or the spanner.  There are all sorts of different seat clamp designs.  But all YOU are looking for is screws or bolts (see photos below).  Lefty loosey – turn the screw/bolt to the left.  The screws or bolt will need to be really loose to allow the saddle railings to slide out of the clamp.
  2. Put the new saddle railings between the clamps and begin to tighten the screws or bolt back up.  Righty tighty – turn the screw/bolt to the right. Before you tighten the clamp completely onto the rails read the points below.  Expect to have to do a bit of fiddling here to get the saddle in YOUR “sweet spot”.

Last couple of things

  • reach – the railings can slide in the clamp effecting how far away the seat is from the handlebars.  If you look at your seat rails they will have markings.  Try not to clamp the rails outside of these markings.
  • tilt – the tilt is important if you have been experiencing genital numbness/pain.  A lot of women prefer to ride with a 2 to 3 degree front tilt (nose of saddle pointing slightly down)
  • it’s important to get your reach & tilt right so that you have comfort on the bike…we call this your ‘A’ riding position.  See Chi Riding – Tip 1 

Please read Bike Seat Sweet Spot to understand more about the positioning of your saddle or go straight to 3 Simple Bike Seat Adjustments – Height, Tilt & Reach


Great, let me know how you got on.  Please ask a question if you’re not quite sure of something…otherwise have fun riding on that new saddle.

Thanks for reading Used together our stories and resources support you to achieve and develop as a rider.

Womens Bike Saddle Buying Guide

Bike Saddle Shop Page

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