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How to use a Bicycle Brush for cleaning

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Let me remind you how much we love cleaning.  A clean bike looks good, performs better, lasts longer and is easier to maintain.  All great reasons to reach for your cleaning kit.   A bike cleaning kit should contain a bicycle cleaning brush, making your job so much easier.  This is not just another tool but a great cleaning tool that is durable, hard working and versatile.  If you take the time to clean you want that time to be well spent resulting in the best clean possible.  A bicycle brush gives you that.

How does a Bike Brush help YOU?

  • It does more than one cleaning job, meaning you need less cleaning equipment
  • It is designed for use on a bike so the bristle length will reach between sprockets
  • Also designed to deal with things that your bike doesn’t like – mud, sand, saltwater, grease build up (You MUST clean your bike when…)
  • Sturdy, durable bristles mean you use less energy to get the job done well
  • Cleans important parts of the bike well e.g. scrubbing a chain and sprockets so you will get a better performing bike
  • Cleans all bikes well but really useful if you have a mountain bike – all those moving parts create gaps where dirt & mud build up
  • Good cleaning eliminates build up of dirt, grease and grime which leads to an easier to maintain bike
  • Is designed to work hard and last a long time – 10 years is the expected life span of the Green Oil Bicycle Brush that we use

Features of a good bicycle brush:

The Bicycle Brush needs a burly handle (comfortable to hold) and long bristles (gets between your widest sprockets). Plant based bristles, not plastic are better for our planet.  They need to be  durable, you want at least  10 years of use from your bike brush.  Initially some bristles will fall out – this is OK.  The bristles will also soften with use. A multiple use brush eg. has  a ‘Cog Spike’ on the butt of the handle (Its rounded in one direction, yet edged in the other-see below for how to use this part of your brush) helps you find efficient ways to remove dirt and grit.

How to use your Bike Cleaning Brush 
1. Soak Bicycle Brush bristles in water.
2. If using for frame cleaning, test on a small area to ensure paint compatibility.
3. After applying a bike cleaner like the Spray Bike Cleaner or a Chain Cleaner (degreaser) onto the bike part or squirt some biodegradable detergent into the bucket of water, use the brush to scrub and lather.
4. Thoroughly rinse the Bicycle Brush after your finished.
5. Leave to dry.

How to use the cog spike:

Simply hold against the derailleur cog of your stationary upside down bike, run the chain through to spin the cogs (you can turn the cranks back by hand to do this), and watch the mud scrape off!

Areas on your bike where bristles do great work:

The Bicycle Brush can be used in lots of ways, and one of our favorites is for sprocket scrubbing. Take the rear wheel off your bike, cover the sprocket set (cogs) in a chain cleaner, then scrub hard with a Bicycle Brush. The bristles get nicely into the gaps.  Here are some of our favourite spots that the bike brush does a great job to remove that unwanted dirt and grit.

Seat post quick release

Seatpost quick release

Bottom bracket

Bottom bracket

Bike frame.  Bicycle brush cleaning. goRide

Bike Frame. Do a check that it doesn’t scratch first.

Crank arm - where pedal joins frame

Crank arm

Rear derailleur. Bicycle brush cleaning. goRide

Rear derailleur

Durable bike cleaning brush chain  goride

Bike Chain

Bike brush cleaning bike tyres goRide


Sprockets, cogs, cassette.  Doesn't matter what you call it, it needs regular cleaning.

Cassette/Sprockets doesn’t matter what they are called they need regular cleaning

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