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The goRide women profiles tell stories about everyday women who ride bikes. These stories will connect you to real women and perhaps spark an idea about what you could achieve with your riding or remind you what you have done. We are all on a journey, regardless of whether you are beginning or an experienced rider, so be open and curious and see what happens. Lets begin to build a stronger you and a stronger riding community. Enjoy reading Emily’s profile…

RIDING WORD: Not 1 but 5. Freedom, adventure (constantly changing perspective), explore, fun, connected to my environment.

Emily & Oscar get ready for a morning ride.

Emily & Oscar get ready for a morning ride.

When did you learn to ride (any memories) and why do you still ride?

As a youngster biking to school – before helmets were in use.

What kind of riding do you do?

A mix of cycleways, around town, and the school run. Mountain bike trails – mainly Codgers – and at the moment I’m training for the 2015 Spring Challenge.

Do you have a biking tip or piece of advice that you would like to share?

Biking with young children is really liberating and fun. Oscar is one year old and once we found a helmet that would fit him and was light enough we had to encourage him to wear it (Emily recommends Polisport cycles Guppy helmet, size xxs, 44-48cm for a great shape/fit and really lightweight). Part of getting toddlers used to a helmet is them seeing you frequently wearing a helmet – role modeling – so that they want to be part of that as well. Now Oscar goes and gets his own helmet and puts it on his head!

What, if any, are your frustrations with riding? Personally and generally.

Around town cars don’t respect cyclists enough, they don’t slow down or give them enough space. This makes it harder to teach young children to ride on the road. Children have the right to be able to learn road riding skills so drivers need to be patient and consider what it is like for them.

What is currently your favourite ride?

Any ride that is out and about with the kids, doing everyday stuff around the city. Just riding and chatting. It feels great not to be using the car, its healthier, more environmentally friendly and cheaper.

What is your favourite ride from the past?

Heaphy Track about 15 years ago with my Dad. Brilliant. Two nights and we went super light weight in terms of gear that we carried. Then we flew in a prop plane back to the car in Collingwood!

Do you have a riding goal at the moment? (think equipment, skills/technique, rides)

Personal: Improve my downhill turns, smoother technique. To use the features on my new bike e.g. dropper seat, 2 cog gearing system, terrain functions. If I can understand how to get the best from my bike it will make my technical riding more enjoyable.

Family: Road safety with my 7 year old daughter, handling skills on the bike. Something we can all do at different ages and abilities.

What is your favourite piece of biking kit/equipment?

My Ground Effect clothing (especially my whitches britches) – I get cold easily so the ability to bike comfortably in the colder months is great.

The baby carrier (iBert) has given Oscar and me access to so much more daily adventure. He sings, waves to people and points to things as we ride. Its very social and friendly.

Thanks for reading.  Used together our stories and resources support you to achieve and develop as a rider. Do it, at your own pace, in your own time, in a fun, supported way – the goRide way.

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