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Kids Bike Seats – Match your bike to a seat

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Bikes come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.  Meaning you should be able to find your perfect bike which is nice, right?  But what happens when the bike needs to be perfect for more than just YOU?  Riding with toddlers on your bike is awesome fun for everyone involved so how can you make it happen with relative ease…

We’ve put together this little guide, Kids Bike Seats – Match your bike to a seat, to explain bike frames and which kind of kids bike seats work with them.  So if you have a bike already look through the list to find your match so you can discover which seats work well with it.  Maybe you’ll have to make a slight adjustment to get the outcome you want.  If you don’t have a bike and want to start riding with your munchkin, this should help you with your bike buying process.  To have more of an idea of what the Kids Bike Seats are read this story or click on the links below.  Have a good look at the photo below so that you know the name of the parts of the frame we refer to.



Know your bike components. goRideSeat

Bike Part terms to help you understand your bike seat match.

electric bike. bike types. goRide


Kids Bike Seat Match = Front bike seat or a rear seat on a carrier rack. Consider the towed group of options if the bike has a good gear range to help you with weight &/or hills – bike trailer, trailer bikes, tailgator.

Some considerations

Big sweeping handlebars give you lots of room so are ideal for front child seats.  With added weight of a child make sure you have gears and use them especially for starting off at lights/intersections

Fitness/recreation bike


Kids Bike Seat Match = Front/Mid/Rear and all towed options – bike trailer, trailer bikes, tailgator.  This is a versatile style of frame if it’s med to large.

Some considerations

Be aware that front child seats need space. Medium to large frames should have enough space but check – see measurement below.  For a rear bike seat that attaches to the frame via the seatpost you will need space on the seat tube – a lot of squashed triangle frames have very little space here.

12 & 6 o'clock pedals. Starting & stopping. goRide


Kids Bike Seat Match = front (med to large frames), mid mount seats, ideal for carrier and frame rear seats.  All towed seats – trailer bikes, bike trailers, tailgators.  This is a versatile style of frame

Some considerations

Road bikes do have a triangle frame but are not an ideal match to kids bike seat use…watch out for carbon frames which are not compatible with kids bike seats or for towing.

Full suspension.  Types of bikes. goRide


Kids Bike Seat Match = front seats on med to large frames (you will need an attachment adaptor), ideal for mid mount seats.  All towed seats – trailer bikes, bike trailers, tailgators.

Some considerations

This may not be an ideal option if you are using for mountain biking as leaving bike seat attachments on mountain bikes can be an issue on the trail. Rear seats do not work with full suspension.  Carbon frames are not compatible with any kids bike seats EXCEPTION the doLittle mid mount child bike seat.

Measuring Frame Size

Unfortunately for short women fitting a child bike seat to a small frame can be difficult.  To measure your frame size follow the instructions below.

  1. To measure the size of your bike frame place your tape measure between the centre of the crank, up to the top of your seat tube (do not measure any of your seat post).  See photo below for guidance.

As a guide a small frame is 38-42cm or 15-16 inches to suit the height of a 158-168cm rider.  A medium frame is 53-54cm or 17-18 inches to suit the height of a 168-178cm rider

Measuring frame size. Kids Bike Seats. goRide

Seat tube measurement to determine frame size

Thanks for reading. Used together our stories, resources & products support you to achieve and develop as a rider.

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