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27.5″ Bike Tube


get Ready, take Tools…so you & your family can SMILE when you goRide

“Carrying bike tools every time you ride gives you safety, confidence, independence & removes time pressures”

Solution for a bike tube for a  portable bike tool kit or to have at home as a back up, you can depend on an easy to use, durable product. Having spare bike tubes is important because you can never predict when a puncture or slow leak will happen.

Features: These sturdy tubes have Presta valves and varying widths.

Combine your bike tube with other bike tools in a goRide Bike Tool Kit and SAVE. get Ready to goRide have the tools you need to carry when your ride.

Standard Inner Tube SIZING GUIDE. Learn what size tube you need for your tire.

If you can’t find your tube size please get in contact with us.

DELIVERY $3.00 Nationwide, within 3-5 working days. You can buy as many products as you like and you will only pay postage for the largest item (except if you are buying multiple large items).
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CST 27.5″ Inner Tubes are;

    • all you need for a simple, quick puncture repair job when you’re out riding
    • come in a variety of sizes to match wheel sizes & widths, please check the sidewall on your bike tyre for sizing information
    • have a Presta valve for ease of use
    • are available as part of the goRide Essential Tool Kit

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