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Solution for… kids or youth who love to get out and ride, from 3 to 12 yrs of age.  This helmet comes in 2 sizes and offers a great adjustable fitting system to allow for growing heads. Fun, bright colours add an element of visibility to your child in any riding environment but this is particularly designed for traffic and easy trails.  This helmet is a great match to the level most kids choose to ride at – fun & recreation riding.

Features; full head coverage yet lightweight, and in mold polycarbonate construction gives added strength & durability.  Then you get the added benefits of an Ergo Dial fitting system which is easy to use and the chin buckle is pinch guarded.  Everything we ask you to find in a kids or youth helmet that suits all the environments that 3 to 12 year olds ride in.

KIDS Bike Helmet SIZING GUIDE. Measure first then buy. A helmet that fits is essential to keep your kids safe

Combine your Kids Recreation Helmet with PADDED PANTS or FINGERLESS GLOVES and SAVE


The Kids Recreation Helmet is right for YOUR family because;

It is the ideal helmet for kids to use in all the environments that they ride in - town, bike paths, gravel, easy up to intermediate trails

Perfect for balance bike riders through to basic mountain bike riding, from daily riding to occasional once a week adventures

The full head coverage styling provides protection low at the back of the head.  This style most closely imitates the skull and we believe should be used by all children who ride for the best protection - covering the majority of their head

Two sizes available giving a great age range. See Sizing Guide for more information

The Sidetrack Youth -  ideal for your older child approximately 6 to 12yrs of age with a head circumference 50 to 57cm.

The Sidetrack Child -  ideal for the younger rider approximately 3 to 8yrs of age with a head circumference of 47 to 54cm.

In mold polycarbonate shell construction adding strength and durability to the helmet.  This type of construction is often not found in kids helmets and helps with impact absorption or dispersion

Is lightweight, weighing only 300gms making it a great choice for young children to feel comfortable while wearing

Has an easy to use ergo dial fit system - makes fitting the helmet to the head easy, meaning the helmet will stay on their head in the best possible position in an accident

Has a pinch guard buckle on the chin strap to avoid any catching or pinching when putting the helmet on

Available in fun, bright colours that can help with your child wanting to wear the helmet

Known as the Bell Sidetrack Child/Youth Helmet. Bell is a market leader in helmet design and production.  A trusted brand in the world of cycling.


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