Bike Saddle Gel Cover


Be comfortable  – add extra protection when you need it

Solution for… adding a layer of gel padding to your existing saddle.  Best used when adjusting to a new saddle, returning to riding after a break or if you a new to riding.  Once you feel more comfortable the padding is easily removed.  Ideal to cover your saddle when taking on distances or terrain where additional padding will make your ride much more enjoyable.  So good for multi day or tour riding – even to carry as a back up incase problems arise.  Great investment to encourage you to ride more often, to more places.

Features: Lycra stretch fabric to adjust to the shape of your existing saddle.  Draw string fixing.  Built up gel cushioning to assist in comfort over time on the bike.  Deluxe thickness of gel so noticeable change in padding.

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The Bike Saddle Gel Cover is right for YOU because

It is designed for adding extra padding to your existing saddle to use when fitness riding through to multi day tour riding 

Recommended when ride times will be greater than normal and comfort may become as issue - mid to long riding, times up to and greater than 2hours

Good choice for anyone returning to riding a bike after a break to become used to sitting on a bike seat again

Also good choice for someone new to riding who would like extra comfort while getting used to riding a bike

Can be used instead of cycling chamois to assist with comfort on the seat - good to add when 'normal clothing' is what you need to ride in

Lycra fabric and draw string so easy to slip over your saddle

Suits a variety of saddle shapes

Gel cushioning works well over time to minimise the feeling of compression against your seat

Extra gel supporting sit bone area and widens to rear of cover

Is a Ontrack Cycling product called the Deluxe Gel Saddle Cover. Ontrack designs a variety of bike accessories and components to support the everyday rider


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