Bike Tow Frame & KIDS Clamp Combo


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Solution for… setting up a second child’s bike with a clamp to be used with the Follow Me Bike Frame – allows quick attachment of the child’s bike when out riding.   This bike frame connects an adult bike to a child’s bike ranging in age from 3 to approximately 9 years.  The Follow Me comes with one kids bike clamp set – this combo gives you a second clamp set.

Features:  This combo gives you two kids bike frame clamps. Giving you the ability to set up 2 of your kids bikes for connection to the Tow Frame. Your children – at different times – can enjoy a stable, secure & safe towing experience.  This hub to hub connector is durable and well designed for years of riding with kids.  Get peace of mind from the most well balanced ride for kids – they simply can not lean.


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A Bike Tow Frame & Kids Clamp Combo is right for YOUR FAMILY because;
  • it will give you the ability to use your tow frame with two different kids bikes
  • the tow frame comes with everything you need to set up one adult and one kids bike – this combo means a frame clamp can be attached to a second child’s bike
The Tow Frame gives
  •  you the most secure, stable connection between an adult and kids bike.  This connection system is low at hub level – from adult rear wheel to kids front wheel & frame
  • allows both connected and independent riding – a quick, no tools required system
  • ideal for use in a variety of environments including busy traffic – your child can not lean or sway their bike so the adult bike maintains balance & control
  • compatible with 12′ to 20′ kids bikes – approximately 3 to 9 years of age – max towing weight of 45kg including the kids bike
  • compatible with 26′ to 28′ adult bikes
  • 95% of E-bikes can be used as the adult towing bicycle (Solid Axle Adapters/Gear Hub Adaptors maybe needed, CONTACT to order)
  • what is in the box you receive? FollowMe Tandem connection system, standard FollowMe quick release skewer, hook up strap including carabiner, frame clamp for Kids Bike, 3 Sets of different size front axle adapters for kids bikes with different size threads on front axle
  • when connected the adult towing is in total control, all steering, balance and braking, allowing your child to rest safely
  • is compact when not in use, quickly removed from both bikes it can be easily stowed in a car boot
  • low center of gravity offers increased stability to parents and children
  • made from powder coated/chromium plated steel
  • weighs 4kg
  • known as the Follow Me Tandem.  This is an award winning product from Switzerland – quality design & engineering
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A KIDS frame clamp allows
  • you to be using the Follow Me Bike Frame with more than one of your children therefore you need a SECOND frame clamp for a SECOND kids bike
  • this clamp allows easy hitching of the bike frame to a child’s bike


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Tow frame & kids clamp combo - Follow Me Tandem
Tow frame & kids clamp combo - kids bike set up
Tow frame & kids clamp combo - family tour riding
Tow frame & kids clamp combo - kids riding independently



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