Night Riding Bike Light – Front


Be safe…see where your going & be seen when riding at night

Solution for…  all types of on road riding in all types of conditions.  This waterproof Lezyne front light will light up the entire road or cycleway making sure you can see and others can see you. This light offers great flexibility – a flexible attachment means you can switch between bikes and users with ease. It provides great battery time of between 3-5 hours on a night riding setting of 250-400 lumens, so you won’t run out of light. Invest in a light that will keep you safe while riding all year round.

Features: two high intensity white LUMILEDS LED lights offering two beams delivering up to 400 lumens of brightness.  Eight modes offering flash and steady so you can adjust your front light to the conditions or time you need to ride.  No tools required, flexible rubber attachment to a variety of handlebar sizes.  Waterproof for peace of mind you will be safe in the rain.

Purchase the Rear Night Riding Light as a set – Night Riding Light Set– Front & Rear and SAVE.


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The Night Riding Bike Light - Front is right for you because;

This front light will work for you in all riding situations where you want to feel safe by using a front light - every time you ride in traffic and low light riding

The best in the market in terms of value for money for a light with great function & features

Perfect match to traffic, commute, on or off road riding

Two high intensity white LUMILEDS LED lights offering two beams giving you choice in varying light situations

8 modes, to suit night riding including areas of complete darkness as well as a high visibility daytime mode. This variety gives you options depending on the light levels, density of traffic or time of your ride

Night riding settings of 250 lumens provides light for 5 hours and 400 lumens provides light for 3 hours.  goRide recommends that front NIGHT riding lights offer at least 200 lumens of brightness

Battery life indicator - indicating 5, 10, 50, 100% remaining giving you the ability to adjust modes to keep you riding & safe for longer

Easy, no tools required, attachment to handlebars. Versatile attaching to a wide variety of handlebars

Waterproof to give you peace of mind it will work in the rain

Weighs 114gms

USB rechargeable, 6 hours, easy to charge overnight for use again the following day

2yr replacement guarantee on faulty parts/workmanship. 6 month battery warranty

The front night bike light is available as part of the Road Night Riding Bike Light Set.  By law in NZ you are required to ride with a front & rear bike light 30mins before sunset to 30 mins after sunrise.  goRide recommends that front NIGHT riding lights offer at least 200 lumens of brightness

Known as the Lezyne 700XL.  Lezyne is a brand leader in the light market, making reliable, good functioning lights 



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