Everyday Bike Chain Lube


get Ready, go Lube…so you & your family can SMILE when you ride.”All bike chains need lube so YOU need lube now”

Solution for an Everyday Chain Lube. Using a chain lube is an essential part of caring for your bike. This wet lube leaves YOU with a chain that looks good, performs better, lasts longer and is easier to maintain… Pedaling will be more efficient and smoother.  

Features: Easy to use long nozzle squeeze bottle.  It’s also versatile and can be used on brake levers, cables, bike locks or stubborn screws.

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Eco-friendly, non toxic, plant & natural ingredient based yet powerful. 100% recycled packaging that is recycleable.

Chain Lube:

  • is a wet (oil based) lube that sticks to your chain for efficient, smooth pedaling
  • penetrates your chain links, protects, lubricates and prevents rust
  • has an effective long nozzle for easy application
  • wet lubes perform well in wet riding environments


# goRide with a clean bike and chain                   # SMILE when you ride


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