Enduro Mountain Bike Lights


Enjoy riding the trails at night.

Solution for… regular, safe mountain bike night riding, short or long times. This handlebar light will flood the trail and help you see your riding line by catching all the bumps, lumps and humps of the trail.  Ride your favourite trails all year round and safely explore new ones.

Features: Five strong modes give you ride times from 10.2hrs to 2.2hrs, covering a wide variety of ride types & times. At 5000 lumens this light can be used on its own as a handlebar light but for your ultimate safety and enjoyment it will be best used in conjunction with a helmet light (a helmet light illuminates the surrounding environment and corners increasing your awareness of the trail – see Enduro Front Light Set here).

Combine your Enduro Light with a HELMET  Light to give you all the light you need to SAFELY ride the trails at night and SAVE.  ENDURO LIGHT SET (2 to 10hrs bright modes) 


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Enduro Mountain Bike Lights are the right solution for you because;

This handlebar mount light gives you great lumen (brightness) needed to safely mountain bike at night time

5000 lumen on 100% steady beam will provide a wide flood beam to illuminate the trail.  For the ultimate in a safe and successful ride we recommend using a handlebar light with a helmet light - SEE Enduro MTB Front Set

Wide variety of ride times and uses depending on mode setting: 4500 lumens - 2.2hrs, 3750 lumens - 3.2hrs, 2500 lumens - 5.2hrs, 1250 lumens - 10.2hrs.  Flash - 7hrs.  This variety gives you lots of options and helps you to plan you riding times.  It will keep you out riding with confidence you have the equipment to ride where you want

LED 5 cree XM-L2 lights - small but powerful

6 cell battery, rechargeable lithium ion, 7.4V 7800mAh. Seperate to light - comes with velcro mounting straps

Multiple mode settings with customisable brightness from 1 to 100%, to suit any riding environment

Compact design with long burn time and cooling design feature

Weight of front light 98 grams

Dimensions of front light 56 x 43 x 50mm

Waterproof to allow you to ride in all weather

Remote control, bluetooth smart, to operate both front & rear light

Included rear flex mounted light super small & light weight, to be seen from behind

This light is made by MagicShine - a light company dedicated to designing products that will function well for riding.  Known as the MJ906 set


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