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The Ergon endurance grip are consistently voted as the best grips –  by people who ride

Solution for… If you spend a lot of time on your bike, and want to protect your hands in the best way possible, we believe these are the endurance grips for you.  Called the ‘Comfort’ grip for a good reason. Recognised as the best ergonomically designed grip in the market place.  Endurance riders – including trail, cross country and tour – rave about these grips and how comfortable they are even after hours in the saddle.  Perfect for E-Bike riders.

Features; Mini winged ends provide grip variation and minimise nerve compression.  Get control & comfort with an impressive secure grip surface.  A small diameter of 30mm makes these grips a great match to smaller hands (womens hands) or for wearing well padded endurance style gloves. Sold as a pair.

Handlebar Grip SIZING GUIDE. A good fit is key to good performance and safety

Combine your Endurance Grip with ENDURANCE BIKE GLOVES – FULL FINGER or FINGERLESS or a BELL and SAVE 

The Endurance Grip is right for YOU because;

It is the best handlebar grip for endurance, trail, cross country or tour riding.  An obvious choice for daily or regular riders who want the best in comfort & support

Great for E-Bike riders who cover big distances

A perfect match to time on the bike so ideal for those who ride regularly, multi - day tour or love big distance riding

This ergonomically designed grip has widen or winged support for your palm alleviating and preventing compression of the ulnar nerve making it ideal for long days or repeated days of riding

Ergonomic design not only provides great hand placement but it also promotes good body position.  These types of grips should be used by anyone who suffers from discomfort, numbness or pain in their hands

The shape in the grip allows you to comfortably change your hand placement - giving you variation and options over time

Sold as a pair with lock on attachment and an Ergon exclusive internal cap end.  The grips will be secure and reliable

Made from 'gravity control' rubber which provides a strong, durable & slip free surface, meaning you will feel like you have good control over your bike

A slim diameter of 30mm makes this grip ideal for small hands (womens hands).  This is also a great diameter for riders who prefer well padded gloves

Carbon handlebar compatible

Available in 3 colours - black, orange & berry to keep your bike looking stylish

Known as the Ergon GA3 Grip.  Ergon lead the way in handlebar grip innovation and design.  They consistently produce the grips that riders prefer to use

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"Black", "Yellow", "Orange", "Red"


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