Recreation Riding Tool Kit plus Mini Pump with Bag Options


get Ready…Take tools when you ride…

Solution for…  town and bike path riders who want to carry basic tools.  This kit has all you need to get home if you happen to need an Allen key or puncture a tyre! We’ve found the best tools so you can be successful with your repair effort.

Features:  Everything you need to repair a puncture – tyre lever set, and a standard inner tube of your size choice and the best Mini Pump we could find. It also includes a simple 3 star shaped Allen key.

Features of Carrying: Several great options for you to choose from to bundle all these tools together making them easy to carry every time you ride.  The Blackburn Tool Roll is a functional easy to use tool storage option that can be carried in a bag/panniers or attached to your frame.  Great to lay flat and see all your tools.  The 1L seat bag is a reliable bag designed for attachment under your seat.  Keep it simple with a handy, bright velcro closing bag or choose no bag at all.

 Bike Inner Tube SIZING GUIDE... Get the right bike tube for your bike by using our sizing guide

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The Recreation Riding Tool Kit is right for YOU because;

It is the best we could find of the must carry tools... these tools should go with you every time you choose to ride

This tool kit is the ideal simple starter kit for easy trail & close to town riding

Choose a combo deal with the Blackburn mini pump with a screw on hose that self adapts to any valve, comes with a bike mount attachment

3 sturdy, compact, lightweight tyre levers

A 3 star shaped Allen key with 4, 5mm & 6mm ends

CST standard inner tube of your choice...please let us know your inner tube size

All this fits into your choice of tool bag or roll. Keep your tools together however you choose to carry them - in a backpack/schoolbag, on your frame, in panniers or a basket

These tools are available as Individual products, SAVE by buying here as a kit


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