goRide’s Deluxe Bike & Chain – Clean & Lube Kit


Bike cleaning made easy.

Solution for cleaning made EASY. All you need for a thorough bike & chain clean in one handy, ready to go bag, saving YOU time and energy. The deluxe bike & chain cleaning kit is perfect for regular cleaning getting your bike ready to ride in all riding conditons.  Ensure not only the long term health of your bike but your chain as well. A clean bike & chain looks good, performs better, lasts longer and is easier to maintain.

Features: Spray Bike Cleaner, the Bicycle Brush, Chain & Bike Cleaner , Everyday Chain Lube and Dry Conditions Chain Lube and 3 organic cloths and toothbrush in a ready to go bag.


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goRide's Deluxe Bike & Chain - Clean & Lube Kit  contains :

Green Clean bike cleaner in a 1 Litre Spray bottle - sprays directly into hard to reach places

Durable Bicycle Brush - brushes are essential for thorough cleaning of your chain, sprockets and other moving parts

Chain Cleaner (degreaser) 100ml - can dilute with water for bike cleaner

Two chain lube products - the everyday wet chain lube 100ml, and a dry weather wax lube 100ml, so you have chain lube for all riding conditions

Bamboo toothbrush - small spaces need a small brush

3 organic bamboo cotton cleaning cloths

A 100% cotton drawstring bag for easy storage

We have included the bamboo toothbrush for free in order to get you going right now. Make sure you start collecting this household item for ongoing use in your bike cleaning kit


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