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Kids Bicycle Bell & Light – The Mini Hornit


get Safe, be Heard & be Seen…so you & your family can SMILE when you ride

“Let them know you are coming with a kids bicycle bell”

Solution for… kids to be able to have fun with a bike bell.  Twenty-five different sounds in a bicycle bell (see list in description below) with 3 different volume settings to match your riding environment.  Add to that the benefits of a light for visibility and you have the unique Mini Hornit. You’re guaranteed to smile every time you use it.

Features: A fun & functional kids bicycle bell & light made from flexible rubber.  Very easy to attach and use – remote trigger activation meaning they don’t have to let go of the handlebar for the horn to work. 


DELIVERY Please click for detailed information of the cost to deliver the Kids Horn & Bell (small item) within 3-5 working days. You can buy as many products as you like and you will only pay postage for the largest item (except if you are buying multiple large items).
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The Kids Bicycle Bell & Light is right for YOUR FAMILY because;
  • it is an amazingly appealing product that gives you 25 different sounds (with 3 volume settings) and a 12 lumen light output
  • the idea behind the product is to let people in the environment know your child is there in a fun, crazy kind of way
  • suitable for kids of any age but popular with the under 8 age group
  • three volume settings let you set the tone of your interactions – do they need to be loud to be heard in busy environments…yes.  Is it better for quieter noises in on an off road footpath or cycleway…yes.
  • the 25 sounds are; bike bell, racing cars, police siren, motorbike, ole trumpet, laser, helicopter, fire engine, fart, manic spell, aeroplane, hooter, burp, wolf, rooster, lion, elephant, horse, hornet, magic carpet, bomb drop, reversing truck, train, klaxon, zapper
  • suitable for attachment to a range of kids products including balance bikes, scooters and bikes
  • provides safety in the form of a horn with variable sound settings – people will hear them coming
  • provides safety in the form of a light with different settings, white light or green light – people will see them coming
  • remote trigger activated so your kids don’t need to take their hands off the handlebars to use it
  • an easy to attach, tool free, wrap around flexible mounting system
  • creative and fun design, available in two bright colours
  • weather resistant
  • 2 x AAA batteries included
  • known as the Mini Hornit. Hornit’s mission is to make cycling safer and more fun for people of all ages
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