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Solution for an easy to use mini bike pump that will makes pumping up your tires hassle free. This Mini Pump has everything we ask you to find to make your pumping experience a good one.  The incredibly simple screw on flexible hose will self adapt to whatever valve your bike’s inner tubes have. Perfect on any bike – so perfect for you, the family or the kids. Its ease of use means that everyone can enjoy pumping success.

Features:  It is small but really fluid and efficient. It’s size makes it ideal for carrying either on your bike or in your tool wallet/bag.

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Blackburn Core Mini Pump right for you because;

It is so easily attached and easy to use, this pump is ideal for anyone who wants a hassle free pumping experience

It is lightweight & portable making it great for carrying when you ride but also comes with a bike frame mount

Its mid width extending barrel allows a fluid, quick and easy pumping action

It is compatible with any valve - both Schrader & Presta bike valves using a simple screw on design that self adapts

Has a flexible hose with screw on attachment

Has a core valve tool, used to remove the core out of a Presta valve when adding sealant to your tube, screwed onto one end

Will inflate to 120psi - learn more about psi & pumps here

25mm wide by 228mm long (1 x 9inches)


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