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Puncture Repair Kit


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Solution for… Simple, easy to use and portable.  This puncture repair kit is ideal for both home and on the go use.  Choosing to use glue when you repair your punctures guarantees a strong, durable bond between the patch & your tube (vulcanising).

Features: Small, compact.  Several different shape patches 2x round, 2x rectangular, 1x large, glue, metal rasp, tiny tubes for drying – everything you need to get the job done on the spot or at home.


DELIVERY: Please click for detailed information of the cost to deliver the Puncture Repair Kit (small item) within 3-5 working days. You can buy as many products as you like and you will only pay postage for the largest item (except if you are buying multiple large items).

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A OnTrack Puncture Repair Kit has;

  • glue, rubber, 6 patches, sandpaper…all you need for a great repair job
  • it is lightweight & portable making it ideal for carrying in tool kits especially when you choose not to carry spare tubes and want the job done right the first time
  • every Home Tool Kit should have a glue based patch repair kit as the glue method of patching (vulcanizing)  gives you the best bonding result

What is a puncture repair kit?  Discover what, how & when you would use a repair kit.

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