Rear 29″ Bike Carrier – Disc


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Solution for a rear carrier – suitable for a 29inch wheeled bike with disc brakes. It’s easy to install and very versatile. This carrier has a load capacity of 30kg making it suitable to be used in multiple ways and in multiple environments. Whether that is carrying a child on a rear bike seat,  carrying load around town, commuting or doing multiday adventures.

Features: Compatible with bikes with 29 inch wheels and disc brakes. Load capacity of 30kg.

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The Topeak Explorer, 29″ Wheel, Rear Carrier is right for you and your family because;

  • it is ideal for a variety of riding including town, bike path, multiday  and riding with kids in a rear child bike seat
  • compatible with 29″ wheel circumference and disc brakes
  • made from tough tubular aluminium, it will take weight up to 30kg
  • is a three leg sturdy, strong rear carrier which will give you the ability to carry a range of loads
  • has flexible front mounting arms (26.5cm) that allow easy top attachment.  Find out more about attaching this rear carrier by reading How to attach a Topeak Explorer Rear Carrier
  • has an integrated rear light mounting plate that also serves as a fender (mudguard)
  • weighs only 680grams and it’s dimensions are 43 x 34 x 23.5cm
  • everything you need to install the carrier is included – steel mounting hardware including locking nuts with nylon inserts, which absorb road vibration and stay screwed on better than standard nuts


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