Bike Seat Bag


get Ready, take Tools…so you & your family can SMILE when you goRide

“Carrying bike tools every time you ride gives you safety, confidence, independence & removes time pressures”

Solution for… on the move tool storage.  All the basics will fit snugly – tyre levers, puncture patches, spare tube, Allen key or Multitool.

Features: Sits securely under your bike seat. Includes a rear light clip and internal mesh pocket.

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An Evoc Bike Seat Bag is right for you because;
  • it is deal for use on any type of bike as it attaches under the seat
  • designed to carry simple bike tools like the tools found in an Essential Tool Kit
  • fixes via sturdy velcro straps
  • made from PU coated ripstop fabric which is durable, abrasion resistant & water repellant
  • features an inner mesh pocket for keys or cards
  • comes in vibrant bright colours
  • 12 x 8 x 7.5cm
  • weighs 70gms and holds 0.7L

What is a seat bag?  Discover what, how & when you would use a small bag …How to carry bike tools


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