Spare Thule Tour Rack Key


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“An essential piece for ease of use of the Thule Tour Rack”

Solution for… releasing the locking mechanism keeping your Thule Tour Rack attached to your bike.  Without the key the rack is permanently attached.  This could be a spare key for peace of mind or a replacement of the original (every Thule Rack is sold with a key).  Either way, it allows quick and easy detachment of your rack.

Features: Essential part of your Thule Tour Rack, lightweight, portable and easy to use.

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The Thule Tour Rack Key is right for your because;
  • the Thule Tour Rack requires a key to be released from the bike – every rack is sold with one key
  • keep this key in a safe place as a spare or purchase because you have lost your original key
  • easy to use, quick release system allowing you to completely remove your rack from your bike

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