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Womens Road Riding Saddle – Recreation


get Ready, be Comfortable  “Terry Bicycling – the first to do women’s specific saddles”

Solution for women who road ride. This saddle delivers comfort & protection for road riding on smooth surfaces ranging from flat to hill climbing.  Designed to introduce you to the benefits a performance saddle can offer, without losing the bike seat comfort that you need so ideal for those new to or returning to road riding.

Features: Designed specifically to relieve pressure both at the front and back when in a mid to low riding position.  Sleek & minimal with well placed rear padding.  A cut-out and rear channel provide the genital relief that most road riders need.  Shape allows for long rides in a constant forward bend with repetitive pedal strokes.  Terry Womens Bike Saddles are a well known trusted brand that designs specifically for women.

DELIVERY: Please click for detailed information of the cost to deliver the Road Riding Saddle (small item) within 3-5 working days. You can buy as many products as you like and you will only pay postage for the largest item (except if you are buying multiple large items).

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The Womens Road Riding Saddle is right for YOU because

  • it is designed for women’s road riding from fitness riding through to beginner competitive riders, perfect for those new to road riding 
  • supports riding positions in the mid to low range (15 to 60 degree forward bend)
  • great for regular road riding as its shape and support minimises front pressure & protects weight bearing bones from angled riding
  • recommended for mid to long riding, times up to and greater than 1 hour
  • comfort & support comes from the womens specific width, cut-out for genital relief, minimal cushioning & road riding specific design
  • is 259mm x 152mm (length x width) – a long & narrow saddle shape which allows your legs to perform well in a repetitive way with little restriction
  • weighs 259grams with FeC alloy rails (strong yet light) for attachment to your seat post (see attachment guide below)
  • made from Dura-Tek, featuring a seamless, screen printed nose.  Seamless saddles have no points of friction and are durable through years of use
  • is a Terry Bicycle saddle designed in the USA and called the Falcon X Saddle. Terry saddles are designed to support the width of the female pelvic bones.  More on Terry Bicycling here
  • made in Italy
  • special 30 day return policy applies meaning you can trial your saddle and return it if you’re not satisfied (see link above)
  • exclusively available in NZ at goRide
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