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Thorn Resistant or Self-Seal Bike Tubes


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Whether this tube is for your portable bike tool kit or to have at home as a back up, you can depend on an easy to use, durable product. CST thorn resistant tubes are 3x the thickness of standard tubes. The Joe’s/CST self-seal tubes are filled with a leading tire sealant that works on punctures of up to 3mm.  Puncture protection is popular with mountain bikers, for touring and commuting…or for anyone that wants to avoid a side of the road/trail repair job.

If we don’t currently have your size please get in contact with us.

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CST Thorn Resistant or Joe’s Self-Seal Bike Tubes are;

  • designed to protect against punctures so you can enjoy your entire ride or get to work on time
  • come in a variety of wheel sizes and widths, please check the sidewall on your bike tyre for sizing information
  • have a Presta or Schrader valve depending on the wheel size.  Thorn Resistant 24″ (kids size) is a Schrader valve, 26 & 27.5 are also Schrader valves. Self-Seal 29″ is a Schrader valve, 26″ & 27.5″ are Presta valves
  • With a self seal tube if you get a puncture, always SPIN the wheel to distribute the sealant.  If spinning does not work, find the hole and turn the wheel so the hole faces the ground.  Add more air if necessary.  Enjoy the rest of your ride!


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Gravel. Dirt. Mountain slopes. Good ol’ fashioned asphalt. Wherever you ride, there are CST tires to handle the terrain and take you as far as you want to go.

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Tube Type

"Thorn Resistant", "Self-Seal"

Wheel Size

"20 x 1.75/2.125", "20 x 1.95/2.1", "24 x 1.9/2.125", "24 x 1.75", "26 x 1.95/2.125", "26 x 1.9/2.35", "27.5 x 1.9/2.35", "29 x 1.9/2.35"


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