Traditional Ringing Bicycle Bell – Large


get Safe, be Heard… Let them know you are coming

Solution for… The cheerful sound of a ringing bicycle bell is recognised the world over and is an essential part of safely cycling in the modern environment. Having a bicycle bell enables you to communicate “Hey, I’m here” to those around you and what better way to do that than with a quality steel traditional ringing bell.  You’re guaranteed to smile every time you use it.

Features;  Easy to use push trigger, activated with your thumb, loud clear bell sound.  Large diameter, 80mm, suited to bikes used in urban environments and on shared path ways.  Beautiful graphics available in two colour ways.

A Traditional Ringing Bicycle Bell is right for YOU because;

It will keep you and others safe in situations where you need to be heard - approaching other cyclists, on shared path ways, in traffic

If you cycle near or around others you need to have a bell as a polite warning system of your approach

Perfect for town riding, commuting to work or use on cycleways

Easily recognisable ding dong bell sound - anyone who hears will know a cyclist is near and be prepared for your passing

Traditional steel bike bells that are individually tested ensuring you get a high quality bell.  It will last with you for years of riding

Easy to use thumb operated push trigger

Beautiful detailed oriental bird print in two colour ways.  A great way to add personality to your bike

80mm large diameter bell and easy to attach to any handlebar diameter.  A screwdriver is required for installation

Known as the Basil Wonderlust bicycle bell.  Basil is a reputable producer of fun & functional bicycle accessories

Additional information

Base Colour

"Black", "Red", "Indigo Blue"


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