Tyre Lever Set


get Ready take tools that you know how to use.

Solution for… removing your tyre. Take tools that will get the job done out on the trail or side of road.  Ideal size & shape for carrying in a portable tool kit.

Features: Three sturdy, durable tyre levers that stack together. Easy size for carrying and easy to use.  Hook end for securing to spoke, grooved end for pushing under tyre.  Neon Yellow colour makes them easy to see where ever you put them down – great for finding in the grass.

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The Tyre Lever Set is right for YOU because;

It comes as a set of 3, tightly stackable, easy to use, strong tyre levers

Lightweight (40gms) & portable making them great for carrying when you ride

Designed with a notch for hooking onto a wheel spoke

Curved profile and curved end rim making removing and fitting tyres easier

Measures 121mm x 15.5mm x 20.3mm (length x width x height)

Are part of the goRide Recreation Tool Kit, MTB/Endurance Tool Kit & Touring Tool Kit

Known as BBB 'EasyLift' Tyre Levers.  BBB make a range of well priced yet functional bike tools


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