Front Kids Seat for Mountain Bikes


Go explore with your child on your mountain bike.

Solution for… attaching a front child seat called a Mini onto a mountain bike (onto the type of handlebar stem these bikes have called ‘Threadless Stems’).  This front seat comes with an additional adaptor called the ‘A-Head Adaptor’ which will provide you with the option of riding a mountain or trail style bike that has a medium or large frame size around town or in easy off road environments while keeping your child of 1 to 3yrs, positioned safely between your arms.

Front Kids Seats do not fit all bikes please read Will a Front Seat Fit on My Bike?

Features;  great 5 point harness, comfortable, easily cleaned foam, fully adjustable shoulder and footrests, multiple child hand hold options.  Also easy to attach/detach and can be locked to your bike.
Only available in BLACK.


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In stock

In stock

The Front Kids Seat for Mountain Biking is right for YOUR FAMILY because:

This front seat is designed to be used with medium & large frame size mountain bike/trail style bikes wherever you choose to ride - town, bike paths, trails, off road

Front kids bike seats attach to adult bikes at the handlebar stem.  Mountain/trail style bikes don't have a lot of space here so need a special attachment piece called an A-Head adaptor

Having an A-Head adaptor allows you to use a bike with a handlebar stem less than 21mm (2.1cm) - vertical height.  Most trail & mountain bikes have less than 21mm.  Please read more at Will a Front Seat fit on My Bike

Is designed for use on bikes with steel or reinforced aluminium frames. It is not suitable for lightweight e.g. carbon frames

The A-Head adaptor needs Allen keys and an adjustable spanner to be fitted

This front seat is recommended for kids 9mths to 3 years. Note: Children need to be able to support themselves seated to use this seat and be old enough to wear a helmet

Weight range is 9kg to 15kg

5 point, adjustable harness system for safety.  Can not be undone by little hands

You will also receive the standard adaptor that is sold with every front seat so can be used on another bike

Can be locked to your bike to prevent theft or is easily detached for storage

This front seat is not compatible with the Thule Windscreen which is sold separately because the A-Head Adaptor has no receiving holes for windscreens

Material & manufacturing fault guarantee period of 2 years from date of purchase

Known as the Thule Yepp Mini.  This is an award winning seat from Europe originally designed by Yepp and now owned by Thule.



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