Ever hit a stone or the kerb and thought “oh that didn’t feel good”. Whats the likely cause? Under inflated bike tyres. Its important that your bike tyres are pumped up correctly so that they function well. Why?

  • Spongy tyres make it harder to ride
  • You are much more likely to get a puncture
  • If they are really flat you can damage your rim which wrecks your wheel
  • Your tyres naturally lose air over time so it’s a good idea to have a routine in place where you check them. goRide recommends a pre-ride check before every ride. This check should include a squeeze test of your tyres.

In get safe and get ready you will find stories on The Bike Tyre. These stories explain the terms and tasks introduced in the Pumping Up A Bike Tyre video and should be read to help with your understanding . If you’re not sure how to pump up your bike tyre check out our video…


Pump up your tyre

Pump up your tyre



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