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What is a Bike Tow Frame?

The Bike Tow Frame connects the rear wheel hub of the lead bike to the front wheel hub of the trailing bike making a very low stable bike to bike connection.

Why choose a Bike Tow Frame?

The advantages of choosing to tow a child with a tow frame is that you do most of the work for them and you make all of the decisions. The Tow Frame is a wheel hub to wheel hub design making it a very stable towing system. This stability makes this towing option suitable for long periods of towing and our choice for towing in traffic. This will broaden where you can ride and how far you can ride with your child.  You can also take them further or onto terrain that they may struggle to bike on their own e.g. up hills.

This provides more riding experiences for families with different aged children/children with different abilities and can provide a greater variety of experiences at an earlier age.

How does it work?

When in use the front wheel of the trailing (child’s) bike is lifted off the ground. The design prevents the handlebars on the child’s bike from turning, leaving the lead bike (adult) in control of steering. Your child can choose to pedal or not while being towed, making the ride easier for them and helping them SMILE.

What riding ability does the lead rider need to have?

As the rider of the lead bike you need to be capable of taking on the extra work and load that towing a child requires.  Do you have the fitness/strength required? Due to its stability the Tow Frame has minimal effect on both the lead and trailing riders balance.

What should my child’s riding ability be?

Due to its stability it can be very successfully used with children who are not very confident on the bike in all riding environments. Therefore offering you the ability to start towing your child at a slightly younger age than most towing options – 3 years old. You can permanently tow your child and then  choose to reduce to intermittent towing as the child becomes more competent or stronger as an independent rider.

You can use this bar from 3yrs to 9yrs and up to a maximum combined weight of 45kg for the trailing bike and rider.

What riding environments and frequency of use is the Tow Frame best suited too?

The Tow Frame can be used for both long periods or towing or shorts periods depending on your child’s needs. It is suited to a wide variety of environments… in traffic, bike paths and due to its stability it can be used on easy off road trails.  It is very well suited to regular commute riding as a family.

Where does it attach? Is my bike and my kids bike compatible?

Tow Frame: Attachment from wheel hub of adult bike to wheel hub on the trailing bike. Learn more at Will a Bike Tow Frame Fit my Bike?

It is compatible with all wheel hubs and bikes, though some systems will require purchasing an additional adaptor.  It is not compatible with 29 inch wheels.

Will there be a anything permanently attached to the bikes?

Yes… the Bike Tow Frame is not quickly removed and therefore for ease of use it will be permanently attached to the lead bike. The kids bike will also have a kids receiver mount attached to the frame.

Can different family members and bikes be used to do the towing or be towed?

It can be great to have the flexibility to quickly change your towing product from one bike to another.  This allows different family members and bikes to be used.

Tow Frame: You can purchase additional kids mounting kits to use the same frame with more than one child’s bike.  As the frame itself is not quickly removed, for multiple adults to use, you can consider having more than one frame in your family.

What about E-Bikes and using a Bike Tow Frame?

It can be a great option to use an E-Bike for towing if your E-Bike is compatible for use with a bike to bike towing system (see above).  It will remove any of the barriers around the capability of the lead rider.  One of the challenges especially as your child grows is the weight you will be towing.  This can affect your ability to tow for very long or to maintain good balance and therefore a steady, straight riding line. An E-Bike gives you added power and the ability to cover greater distances.

As always be aware of your safety… E-Bikes give you the ability to travel at a much faster speed than you would achieve under your own power.  What does this mean when towing a child?  While it might not be an issue while going up a hill, what does it mean on the flat?  If this is how you will tow your child we recommend you spend longer in the practice/safe environment when you first get set up, going over balance and stopping distances.

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How do you store the Tow Frame when riding and when it is not in use?

The Tow Frame is carried on the adult bike when not being used while you are out riding. It folds on itself and is hooked to your seat post rails.  In this position it will not interfere with any riding.

As it is not quickly removed from the adult bike, at home it remains on this bike.

Can I install the Tow Frame?

The Tow Frame does take a bit of time to set up as there are attachments for both the lead and the trailing bike. Once set up it is a surprisingly easy system to use.  We successfully set up the Bike Tow Frame so we are confident you can to.

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Can I use it to ride with multiple children?

If you choose a bike to bike towing option you can place a second (we recommend younger) child on the bike with the adult rider.  There are two main things to consider when riding with more than one child…

Can the lead rider ride safely with the added challenge of weight and how this will effect balance?  Having two children with you will be challenging.  Think about your fitness & strength and the places you want to ride.  You should be a skilled rider to consider doing this.  An E-Bike will help enormously with your enjoyment of riding with two children.

How does the set up of the towed option restrict an attachment of an additional bike seat?  This involves thinking about the pathway between the two bikes as follows;

Tow Frame Multiple Children Options: Due to the hub to hub attachment you can choose to also attach a front, mid or rear bike seat. Being the most stable tow option it makes riding with another child a more viable, appealing option.

What do I need to know to ride safely with my child the first time and for regular riding?

There are some simple things to do and check to keep both you and your child safe when riding with a Bike Tow Frame – for the first time and as it becomes a regular activity for you and your family. Use our resources to help support your enjoyment of riding with a Bike Tow Frame.

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