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Bike Parts – The Bike Tyre

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Let’s learn some jargon. The kind that will help you when you’re standing in front of the bike mechanic. Off he goes with all his words about bike parts and then he asks a question. What???? Now don’t get worried. Yes, there are a lot of words involved but hey you only need to learn about your bike and what you think will help you. Remember, at your pace, in your time, the fun, supported way – the goRide way.

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We are going to start with your bike tyres. The tyres are the part of your wheel that will give you a smooth ride … but only if they are working well.



Parts of a bike wheel To follow is a basic overview of your bike tyre system.Types of bike tyres

The Bike Tyre – is made up of predominantly rubber with a fabric casing where it sits on the rim. It comes in different sizes to match the diameter of your wheel e.g. 26, 27 inch or 29er. Also in different widths as well as different treads (that is the rubber patterns on the outer part of the tyre.)

The Tube – sits inside the tyre. Embossed on the side wall of your tyre you will find all the information you need to know about your tube. What size is your tube? This is represented in diameter x width e.g. 26 x 2.0 (see the picture below). The pressure to inflate your tyre to is called PSI (pounds per square inch). You will generally find a range from a minimum to a maximum PSI. Check out the picture which shows a minimum 40PSI to a maximum 80PSI.  For more information see our story How to buy a bike tube

Please take a look through the slider to see bike tubes, tyre size and PSI.

The Valve – is attached to the tube and it sticks through the rim of your wheel. You will either have a presta (skinny) or schrader (fat) valve. Also note that a presta valve has a nut on the tip that must be unscrewed to allow air to flow – the valve is where the air goes in to inflate your tyre.

Bike parts bike tyre presta valve goRideBike parts bike tyre schrader valve goRide


A great way to get familiar with the parts of your bike is to clean it. So why not start by cleaning your bike tyres, everyone loves bubbles!



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