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Tips for Bike Seat (Saddle) Care

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Once you have the perfect bike seat you will want to keep it perfect in every way. Good quality bike seats will last you a long time with a little bit of tender loving care… Tips for bike seat saddle care is a quick read and fairly simple stuff.

Sustainable bamboo bike cleaning cloths
Tips for bike seat saddle care:
  • avoid dropping heavy things onto it or sudden impacts this can compromise the gel and foam that gives you the welcomed support and cushioning. Think about where you store your bike to avoid this happening
  • inspect it after any crash or accident for any tears to the seat cover
  • a routine wipe down is required to avoid build up of dirt and sweat – use a gentle eco-friendly bike cleaner or dish washing cleaner with water and then let it air dry out of direct sunlight
  • regularly check your height, tilt and reach – make sure the seat hasn’t moved position and that all bolts/clamps are tight
  • and like all things in life it will eventually wear out – look for cracks, splits, abnormal shape, wearing, make that change well before your bottom & bits suffer

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