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Who do you ask when you have questions about riding?

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The goRide Way get BetterI’ve had a mixed bag of reactions when it comes to my questions about riding.  My husband gets too technical too quickly and I get frustrated.  One guy in a bike shop absolutely glazed over when I asked about how to ride with my children to school.   A friend of mine was told, when trying helmets on in a bike shop with her son, that the straps don’t really matter… What??  Really great for her son to hear that!  These are missed opportunities – opportunities to help someone who really enjoys riding to understand a bit more about this world of bikes.

So, where should you head when you have questions about riding?

Some options are;

  • a husband, boyfriend, partner who may try but often doesn’t have the time or patience.
  • the bike shop where you find yourself talking to a twenty something male who just can’t comprehend how you wouldn’t just know about bikes.  Yes there are exceptions – PLEASE TELL US ABOUT THEM so we can spread the word!
  • a friend who knows their stuff.  Yah for you if this friend is patient and generous with their knowledge.  Note: My aim is to be one of these people so that as I learn so do my friends.  How about YOU aim for this too!
  • a bike mechanic who will, without even realising it, make you feel stupid.  Yes there are exceptions – PLEASE TELL US ABOUT THEM so we can spread the word!
  • an online forum/website which are completely male dominated, design and technically focused.  Awesome if you’ve found goRide and have questions because we would love to answer them for you – please try us out.


You may get an answer from these places but are they good answers?  Are the people giving you information on the same wave length as you?  Do they understand your perspective?

The world of cycling is dominated by men.  Companies cater to these men by focusing on technical developments, cool design and athletic achievement.  It’s all about being fast and strong and the best.  The trickle down effect is that this is what the bike shops sell and this is the ‘type’ they hire to sell to you.  It’s also what the bike world portrays as being important.

What’s important to me? To smile, to ride & talk with friends, to see my children enjoying the beautiful outside world, to get better, to be healthy, to be a part of the environment, to have the ability to explore and create adventures… I could go on and on.

At times, and as a female, it is hard to feel connected to the big world of cycling.  We love our NZ role models Karen Hanlen (mountain biking), Sarah Walker (BMX), Linda Villumsen (road racing)…. but for the everyday female rider their achievements are far from our reality.

Our questions are usually basic and simple, almost embrassing to ask but if it’s something you don’t know you should be able to ask it and get a great answer.


The more I know the better I feel about taking my kids riding.

The more I know the better I feel about taking my kids riding.


What’s your experience?  What are some of the questions about riding you have been too afraid to ask?


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