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Balance bikes – How old should my child be?

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What age can your child ride a balance bike?

Age is a efficient way to provide some guidelines and boundaries to the use of a balance bike. Most manufacturers of balance bikes provide this guide – generally suggesting from 18months of age. This is definitely not every child, in fact most will more likely be around 2 years. All children are different, so let’s help you understand your child and when you think they might be ready to have a go at this fun activity that allows them to explore, gives them independence and confidence, supporting their growth and development.

Cruzee balance bike seat and hadlebar adjustment

This is a light weight balance bike with a low seat height making it suitable for early balance bike riders. Shop Cruzee (coming end of November)

Yedoo balance bike max seat height

The Yedoo. Slightly heavier bike and a higher minimum seat height when compared to the Cruzee making it suitable for the slightly older rider.  Shop Yedoo

There are a number of factors that can influence when you child is ready to experiment using a balance bike under parent facilitation;

Their Motor Development. Being able to do the following motor skills.

  • walk reasonable balanced that is less wide and clumsy (like you see in early walkers)
  • walk up and down stairs with support
  • starting to show signs of being able to run

Their size

  • Balance bikes come with a minimum seat height.  Your child will need to be a certain size to be able to sit on the balance bike seat and propel themselves with their legs. See balance bike sizing guide.

Their Strength

  • This is not as important as a lot of the strength requirements can be overcome with parent facilitation in the early stages of learning to ride a balance bike. As they start to do these tasks with your facilitation they will start to develop the required strength and become more independent.  Strength that allows them to walk with the balance bike, pick the bike up and make it upright, able to lift their leg over the bike frame so they can sit on the seat and straddle the bike, put the bike down. The weight of the balance bike is important if you are wanting to use a balance bike at 18 month to 2years – as a guide – the bike should not weigh more that 30% of your child’s weight. See balance bike fitting guide.

Their personality

  • How do the approach new activities? Do they take a timid or no fear approach to new activities? Those children unsure of new actiivites are going to be a little more hesitant to give riding a balance bike a go compared to the no fear child. Your approach to these types of personalitites will be different. Ranging from a slow introduction to riding a balance bike – focusing on support, encouragement and belief compared to the no fear child where the focus will be on safety and ensuring that they don’t crash and develop a dislike to their bike because of repetitive disasters that keep occurring. Most children will lie somewhere in between.

Role models

  • Being exposed to role models – older brothers and sisters or cousins and friends that have a balance bike or ride a bike certainly help with desire and an understanding of what to do and how to ride a balance bike

Bike Helmet

  • A balance bike is a bike so they need to wear a bike helmet. If they are not keen on wearing a helmet it is a simple rule. No helmet no riding. They will need a helmet that fits their head and will remain on and over their head in an impact. The right kids bike helmet. Correct fitting of a kids bike helmet

These are some simple guidelines so you can make a judgement, a decision on when your child might be ready so you and your family can find your riding SMILE. All these points aside don’t be afraid to purchase a balance bike early and give them time to slowly become familiar with the bike – no pressure. As long as you have made sure that you have a balance bike that will grow with them this is a good way to approach learning to ride a balance bike.  See balance bike buying guide




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