Do E-bikes need special tools that should be carried every time you ride?  Lets explore this question a bit and give you the knowledge you need to ride your E-Bike safely and with confidence.

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If you have joined the thousands of New Zealanders riding an E-Bike you will know how much fun this experience is and what it opens up for you.  Being able to ride further, faster or over challenging terrain (hills) is something that many people have taken too with much enthusiasm.  But like any bike you are vulnerable to mechanical failure and you need to prepare yourself for this.

Bike Tools you should carry with an E-Bike

For the most part you need to be prepared for the same types of things any bike rider experiences.  Flat tyres, seats that need adjustment, bolts that have loosened, chains snapping…  This means tools should be carried that match your needs and ability to help yourself or group.

Tool Kits should get bigger as distance from help increases.  This is just sensible stuff and allows you to ride and be safe.  See our range of Bike Tools Kits to get a better understanding of this. 

The minimum you or someone in your group should be carrying…

  • Spare tube/s or a puncture repair kit
  • A pump
  • Tyre levers – set of 3
  • A simple Allen/Hex Key or basic multi-tool
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What makes an E-Bike different?

Obviously, the main difference to a standard bike is the fact you have a battery.  You can choose to purchase and carry a spare battery with you but for most people this added expense and weight is not practical.  If your battery is charged and performing as it should you will be able to ride wherever you want.  You do need to understand your battery – how far can you ride?  What do the different power levels do to your battery charge level?  If your battery goes flat can you still ride your bike?

Part of choosing to ride a bike with added elements is the commitment to understanding the bike and the specific needs it has.  Regular maintenance and care is important and will increase the life of your bike and lessen the likelihood of problems occurring.  Take advantage of the bike shop you brought your bike from.  They should have the knowledge and hopefully the workshop you need for servicing and more major repairs.

The most common side of the road issue that E-Bike riders face, that is different to a standard bike, is damaged/loose battery cabling disrupting the power to the bike.  This is where tape and cable ties can be very useful in your tool kit for on the go repairs.  If tour riding or riding over multiple days, and your group has the capabilities, you need to consider carrying extra cabling.

Choose the correct chamois

What goRide Recommends:  

Always take tools. If you carry a tool you should know what it is for and how to use it.  Your aim does not have to be a comprehensive fix but a way to safely get home or closer to help. Add some tape and/or cable ties to make your kit more E-Bike specific. 

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