Will the Bike Tow Bar Fit on your Bike?

The Bike Tow Bar is a rigid bar that connects a lead (adult) bike and a trailing (kids) bike (kids must be able to ride their own bike). Suited to kids who have good basic bike handling skills. Easily attached and removed making it great for short periods of assistance when needed.

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Welcome. The Bike Tow Bar, the Trailgator, is a great towing solution as it is compatible with most standard adult bikes including E-Bikes. It is easy to attach and remove from the child’s bike once installed.  Meaning your child can ride independently and then be assisted when needed. The Tow Bar is safe up to 32kg – combined weight of trailing bike and rider.

When in use the front wheel of the trailing (child’s) bike is lifted off the ground. A stabilising bar prevents the handlebars from turning leaving the lead bike (adult) in control of steering. Your child can choose to pedal or not while being towed, making the ride easier for them and helping them SMILE.

goRide attaches the Tow Bar to a variety of bikes so we can understand the experience and challenges. See our Tips for Attaching a Bike Tow Bar.

Your riding experience will be different when riding with a Bike Tow Bar than if you are riding solo… please see Riding Safely with a Bike Tow Bar.

To understand and compare your options for towing kids who ride their own bike please read Towing Kids who ride their own Bike Buying Guide

Where does it attach?  

To connect the two bikes together the Tow Bar has two attachment points; one on the lead (adult) bike and the other on the trailing (child’s) bike.

Lead (Adult) Bike: the attachment point is on the seat post for the supplied seat post kit. It is not compatible with carbon seat posts

Trailing (Kids) Bike: the attachment is at the steering tube using the supplied receiver kit – a plate and U Bolts. No Front Baskets or accessories can be used on the front of the kids bike as they would block access to the steering tube


tow rope

The Tow Bar is carried on the Adult bike until attachment to the Kids bike is required

tow rope

Receiver Kit attached to the Steering Tube of a kids bike.

Will it fit your bikes?

The Tow Bar is a towing solution for your family if the Lead Bike and the Trailing Bike meet the following criteria.

Lead Bike Attachment

You have three criteria

1. You require at least 5 cm of exposed space on your seat post. If you do not have space – you can alter your seat height to create enough space. Note this will raise your seat height (remember you still need to be able to pedal comfortably).

2. It can fit a variety (most) seat post diameters (25.4 -31.8mm).  There are shims provided (these alter the diameter of your seat post) to ensure secure fit to a wide variety of seat post diameters.

3. It is compatible with 26-28inch wheel diameters. It is not compatible with 29 inch wheels. Check your tyres to find your wheel size. If it shows a number 26, 27.5 or 28 the Tow Bar will work.

5cm of exposed space on your seat post.

The Seat Post Kit for Adult Bike includes shims to suit different diameter seat posts

Trailing Bike Attachment

Your have three criteria

1. The steering tube must be less than 4.5cm in width.

2.  The junction of bike frame and steering tube must be less than 9cm in height.

3. It is compatible with 12 inch through to 20 inch wheel diameters. Check on your child’s tyres for size. If it shows a number 12 through to 20 the Tow Bar will work.

Measuring width of your steering tube. Does it = less than 4.5cm?

Measuring the junction of the bike frame and steering tube. Does it = less than 9cm?

The advantages of the Trailgator Bike Tow Bar…

This bike to bike connection for towing is easy to carry with you on the bike to help your child through

  • busy traffic
  • over hills
  • when they get a little tired

This tow bar is great for short periods of assistance and is a budget friendly option for most families who enjoy riding on a regular basis.

The set up of the Tow Bar does allow your child to lean.   They often do this to see around you.  A lot of children and adults are OK with this.  You will get used to the sensation and your child can be reminded not to do this.   If you would prefer a more stable option, goRide suggests the Bike Tow Frame (the most stable bike to bike connection on the market).

Tow Bar in Use

The Tow Bar is stored on the Adult Bike when not attached.

We’re here to help.  If you need further assistance… you can use our Kids Bike Seat Solution Finder or call us on 021 025 15576 or 0800 44 33 77 or CONTACT us via email

Your bike riding success is different to others… use our stories and support, get the right solutions.

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