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Solution for… taking kids through places they may struggle to ride by themselves – distance, hills, traffic.  Ideal for short periods of assistance.  The bar connects an adult bike to a child’s bike lifting the child’s front wheel.  Suits an age range from 3 to approximately 9 years. Great investment for family commuting, riding on bike paths or tour riding – ideal for families that regularly ride.  This bar is easily carried on the adult bike when not in use so always available just in case.  Have enjoyable, relaxed family riding experiences.  This tow bar helps kids feel more confident about riding.

Features: Lightweight yet durable bar ideal for using when riding with kids.  Retracting design makes this bar easy to clip into the stored position on your bike when not in use, making if very portable and always available just in case little legs get tired. Gives you a strong, reliable connection that will allow them to pedal or rest. Simple attachment design means this tow bar is easy to use.

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The Bike Tow Bar is right for YOUR FAMILY because:

It is specifically designed for joining an adults bike to a child's bike for a safe towing experience when riding a bike over distance or through traffic would be challenging for your child

Can be used any time you think your child may struggle on a ride.  That could be when climbing hills, going long distances, keeping up with other members of the family or in poor weather conditions - wind or rain to speed up their riding

Completely lifts your child's front wheel meaning the adult bike is in control of all steering.  A receiver clamp is mounted on the steering tube of your child's bike for simple attachment of the bar when assistance is needed

Great for any child who rides to help with enjoyment on their bike, whether they are new to riding or have been riding for a while

Great for on or off road riding.  Please be aware your child is not harnessed so the more experience they have of riding a bike the more stable they will be

Made from steel and very easy to hitch and unhitch.  Once you are in motion the towed rider can assist with pedalling or relax.  Please be aware if they have back pedal brakes they will still be able to use them

Measures 1.4m when attached, will retract to be very easily clipped onto your bike in the stored position making it a lightweight solution

Connects from the seat post of the adult bike to the steering tube of the trailing bike

Is not compatible with carbon seat posts

Is made by Trail Gator who are based in the USA


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