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How much water do I need to carry? 

The amount of water you need to carry is dependent on many factors and is complex.  The first thing to consider is more is better than less and generally we don’t drink enough.  Learn more here about how much water should I carry when I ride.

A drink bottle will only give you around 800ml of water, some smaller bottles only 600ml. This is only going to be enough water if you are riding for up to an hour. If riding for longer you may have the option of carrying more than one drink bottle on your bike.

The other option is a hydration bladders carried in a backpack. This can give you options of carrying up to 3 Litres of water.

Is carrying a drink bottle on my bike an option? 

Most bikes come with bolts screwed into the bike frame where a drink bottle cage can be attached. Some bikes will have one or two mounting places. Smaller bikes like kids bikes may have no places for mounting a bike cage.

There are straps/clamps on the market that secure the bike cage to your bike frame – removing the need for screwing and thus offering more flexibility on where you can mount your cage and the number of cages on your bike. This may be important if touring, bikepacking and/or riding long distances

Do I want to carry the water on my bike or on me?

Water is added weight and you need to consider whether you would prefer for that weight to be carried on the bike in a bottle cage/ drink bottle and or carried on your back in a backpack and hydration bladder. See more on the pro and cons of backpack/hydration bladder versus drink bottle cage/drink bottle

Ease of access to my water? 

Do you want to have easy and regular access to your water? A hydration bladder carried in a backpack means that you can ride and drink small amounts more regularly. A drink bottle generally will require you to stop and have a drink so as a rule you drink less often.

Kids and Hydration?

Kids often hydrate better than adults. They take in smaller amounts more regularly. Over time this adds up to a good amount of water, so you need to make sure they have regular access to plenty of water. Generally when they want/need water the need it now not when you reach the next stop where water is available. A hydration bladder is a very successful solution to making sure kids have access to plenty of water regularly.

goRide’s Hydration Solutions


How much water can it carry?



Womens 10 Litre Backpack and Hydration Bladder

Comes with a 3 Litre hydration bladder

Space and good design so you can carry additional items…tools/clothing/ helmet when not in use. Excellent design and stability for comfort.

Kids 3 Litre Backpack and Hydration Bladder

Comes with a 1.5 Litre Hydration Bladder

Able to carry a couple of additional items eg. merino/jacket…some tools.

Make your purchase a success…

Keep your bladder clean – 

For hygiene and to help your bladder last a long time you need to take your care of your bladder –  clean it and make sure it is dry when not in use.  See more information here

…so you and your family can SMILE when you ride.

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