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get Ready, goExplore…  Simply, the safest bike tow rope for towing your kids when riding.

Solution for… taking kids places they may struggle to go.  Ideal for smoothly and safely assisting them up hills, over distances, through windy conditions or just to keep up with older siblings.  Perfect for mountain biking & NZ cycle trails and great if you have an E-Bike to make towing easier.  Have enjoyable, relaxed family riding adventures.  This tow rope helps kids feel more confident about riding and gives them a fun experience.

Features: Lightweight yet strong rubber bungee covered in durable webbing makes this tow rope ideal for using when riding with kids.  It will last through years of riding adventures.  Gives you a strong, reliable connection that will not dangle down into wheels and has a soft, gentle pull. Simple loop through attachment design means this tow rope is easy to use…. See how easy here

This is the original Tow Whee tow rope first invented by Eric Landis, it is not a copy.  The originals are Red and only available at goRide.

Quick Loop Accessory sold separately – add this small loop to the kids/trailing bike and it allows fast connection and disconnection of the two bikes.  See combo below.

Combine your Bike Tow Rope with a QUICK LOOP CARABINER or MOUNTAIN BIKE KNEE PADS for Kids and SAVE


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The Bike Tow Rope is right for YOUR FAMILY because:

It is specifically designed for giving kids (or adults) a smooth, safe towing experience when riding a bike (also great for skiing, used in reverse).  See how easy it is to use....How to attach a Bike Tow Rope

Can be used any time you think your child may struggle on a ride.  That could be when climbing hills, going long distances, keeping up with other members of the family or in poor weather conditions - wind or rain to speed up their riding

Great for any child who rides to help with enjoyment on their bike, whether they are new to riding or have been riding for a while

Perfect for mountain biking environments and for multi-day riding or touring on NZ Cycle Trails.  Also perfect for use with an adult E-Bike

Made from specialist high stretch bungee cord which gives a soft gradual pull feel - your child will not be jerked forward.  Once you are in motion the towed rider is constantly suspended for a smooth feel

The bungee cords will stretch to 4x their length, this eliminates drooping and prevents the rope becoming entangled in wheels.  Measures 1.4m at rest and will stretch up to 4.6m

This rubber bungee is protected inside a durable hollow webbing so will last for years of riding enjoyment

Can tow up to 225 kilograms (bike plus rider)

Connects to the trailing bike either by looping through its own loop, or by using the Quick Loop with Carabiner (sold separately).  Please see our How to Use Guide 

The lead bike connection should be around a secure attachment point - most riders choose to use their seat

For safe outcomes the tow rope needs to be completely removed before heading downhill

Is made by Tow Whee who are based in the US.  This is the original tow rope invented by Eric Landis who created the company Tow Whee.  "It all started when... I needed to get my kids to the top of the hill. Tying a simple rope or strap to help tow them up always ended up dangling into the wheels or jerking & causing problems. By adding a high quality bungee inside a climbing rope I found the solution!"

Available exclusively at goRide


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