Quick Loop with Carabiner


Attaching the Tow Rope is even easier with the quick loop carabiner

Solution for… easily attaching and detaching when towing kids with your Tow Whee Tow Rope (sold separately).  Have enjoyable, relaxed family riding adventures.

Features: Lightweight, durable webbed loop with carabiner for a secure and fast attachment system.  Gives you a strong, reliable connection. The small loop is attached to the trailing/kids bike.  The carabiner gives you an easy carrying option for the main tow rope when not in use – simply attach the two ends of the tow rope to the carabiner and wear it diagonally across your body.

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The Quick Loop with Carabiner is right for YOUR FAMILY because
It is specifically designed for a fast attachment & detachment when using a Bike Tow Rope (sold separately), a no tools needed 'quick' system
This Quick Loop with Carabiner is the perfect tow rope accessory simply open the carabiner to secure the looped end of the tow rope

Provides an easy carrying option across your body when the Tow Rope is not being used as in secures the two ends of the rope together.  The rope can then be slung diagonally around your body

Can be used any time as it remains attached to the trailing/kids bike.  Will not interfere with any steering or movement of the child's bike and is simple to remove if you need to

Perfect for mountain biking environments and for multi-day riding or touring on NZ Cycle Trails.  Makes family riding fun for everyone

Small loop made from durable webbing combined with high quality secure carabiner

Can tow up to 225 kilograms

For safe outcomes the tow rope needs to be completely removed from your child's bike before heading downhill

Is made by Tow Whee who are based in the US and specialise in bike/ski tow rope products & accessories

Available exclusively at goRide


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