Night Riding Bike Light – Rear


get Safe, be Seen…with Night Riding Bike Light – Rear

“Good night riding lights give YOU the ability to goRide more places, more often”

Solution for… keeping you safe when night riding, riding in poor weather or low visibility conditions – this should be your rear light choice.  Whether you are commuting in traffic or on the cycleways this waterproof rear light can be seen.  Great rear visibility is crucial at night time and in all poor weather & traffic situations.  Invest in a light that will keep you safe so you can ride all year round.

Features:  Five ultra high output LEDS delivering up to 150 lumens of brightness.  Eleven modes offering flash and steady so you can adjust your rear light to the conditions you are riding in.  No tools required, flexible rubber attachment to a variety of bike parts or gear – seat stem, carrier rack or bag.  Waterproof for peace of mind you will be safe in the rain.


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Night Riding Bike Light – Rear is right for you because;
  • this rear light will work for you in all riding situations where you want to feel safe by using a rear light – every time you ride in traffic and low light riding
  • the best in the market in terms of value for money for a light with great function & features
  • perfect match to traffic, commute, on or off road riding
  • 5 ultra high output LEDS delivering up to 150 lumens of brightness making you visible from a distance to anyone approaching you from the rear or side
  • 11 modes offering flash and steady.  This variety gives you options depending on the light levels and density of traffic
  • no tools required, flexible rubber attachment to seat stem, carrier rack or bag making this light useable in all riding situations
  • waterproof to give you peace of mind it will work in the rain
  • weighs 69gms so is a lightweight addition to your bike or bag
  • USB rechargeable with a 2.5 hour recharge time, easy to charge overnight for use again the following day
  • battery life indicator – 0-25%, 25-75%, 75-100% giving you the ability to adjust modes to keep you riding for longer
  • includes side illumination, supporting your visibility
  • 2yr replacement guarantee on faulty parts/workmanship 6 month battery
  • is available as part of the Road Night Riding Bike Light Set, we also recommend vertical stacking of rear lights for the ultimate in visibility protection so consider buying more than one rear light – a visibility or safety light works well with the Lezyne Strip when attached high on the rear of your body or helmet.  See Rear Stacking Set
  • known as the Lezyne Strip Rear Drive.  Lezyne is a brand leader in the light market, making reliable, good functioning lights 
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