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Rear Light Stacking SET


get Safe, be Seen…so you & your family can SMILE when you ride

“Good night riding lights give YOU the ability to goRide more places, more often”

Solution for… the ultimate in achieving rear visibility is to stack two rear lights at different heights.  One on steady & one flashing.  Whether this is for day or night riding.  Whether you are commuting in traffic or on the cycle ways this waterproof rear light set will be seen.  Good rear visibility is crucial at night time and in all poor weather & traffic situations.  Invest in two rear lights that will keep you safe & keep you riding.

Features:  Rear Night Light: Five ultra high output LEDS delivering up to 150 lumens including side illumination. Eleven modes offering flash and steady so something for every riding environment.  No tools required, attachment to seat stem, carrier rack or bag, as well as being waterproof.  USB rechargeable.

Features:  Rear Visibility Light: This portable, USB rechargeable light is designed for quick, easy attachment.  It is a breeze to get on and off seat posts, carrier racks, bags or helmets. The perfect waterproof rear safety light.

Both these Rear Lights are sold individually as Rear Night Riding Light and the Rear Visibility Light

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working days. You can buy as many products as you like and you will only pay postage for the largest item (except if you are buying multiple large items).


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A Rear Light Stacking Set is right for YOU because;
The Rear Night Light has
  • 5 ultra high output LEDS delivering up to 150 lumens
  • 11 modes offering flash and steady on full through to eco modes giving you the variety needed to have an option in all types of light and weather
  • no tools required, attachment to seat stem, carrier rack or bag.  Easily moved on & off the bike.  Flexible rubber attachment system
  • waterproof so can be used in a variety of weather without concern
  • weighs 69gms making it super lightweight
  • USB rechargeable with a 2.5 hour recharge time
  • battery life indicator – 0-25%, 25-75%, 75-100% giving you security of use allowing you to plan your mode use and ride time
  • includes side illumination, supporting your visibility from different angles
  • 2yr replacement guarantee on faulty parts/workmanship 6 month battery
  • can be purchased individually Rear Night Light
  • this is a Lezyne light. Lezyne make lights so you can “Play in the Dark”.  Lezyne lights lead the industry in bike lighting & safety
The Rear Visibility bike light has
  • sixteen red LED bike lights with 5 modes, steady, fast flash, organic flash fast, organic flash slow, eco-flash (flashing lights are ideal for catching drivers attention in busy traffic situations)
  • the Kid Grid face plate also acts as a reflector when the light is not switched on.
  • industrial silicone body with easy, no tools required, attachment to seat post, carrier rack, bags, helmets via 3 strap options which provide great diameter variety
  • waterproof
  • weighs 39gms
  • USB rechargeable, 4-5 hours
  • has a 50hr+ battery life on eco-flash, 3hrs on steady
  • offers 800m of wide beam, 44 lumens (brightness)
  • 2yr replacement guarantee on faulty parts/workmanship
  • can be purchased individually Rear Visibility Light
  • known as Blinder Mob, Kid Grid made by Knog.  Knog Lights are fun, well designed, high quality bike lights made in Australia


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Rear light stacking set - mountain bike riding
Rear light stacking set - commute or twilight riding
rear light stacking set - family riding
Rear light stacking set - be seen visibility lights


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