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get Safe, go Explore…with a Night Bike Light – Helmet Mount


Solution for… a versatile helmet mounted light that provides good brightness and can also be used as a head torch for night walking/running.  This light will give you a mountain bike ride time of 2 hours and can be used on road in poorly lit areas or in poor weather conditions.  Ride your favourite trails at night time for a completely different riding experience.

Features: lightweight & varying mount options, its ease of use offers you lots of flexibility. Two cell battery produces 950 lumens of brightness, great for on road commute style riding and perfect as a helmet mountain bike light (best used with a 2000 lumen handlebar light).

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The Night Bike Light – Helmet Mount is right for you because;
  • it is a helmet mount light that generates 950 Lumens from a 2 cell battery
  • this light should be used in conjunction with a handlebar light when night mountain bike riding. A helmet light will light the surrounding environment and the corners but you must have a bright handlebar light – suggested 2000 lumens plus to light the trail. Only having a helmet light can be dangerous. Ideally ride with a set – one helmet, one handlebar light see Front Light Set MTB here.
  • this is a great light for any commute or town night riding including poorly lit areas and bad weather conditions
  • Brightness: 950 lumens (maximum)
  • Weight: This lightweight light – Light=55g, and Battery=122g a total of 177g makes this light also suitable as a helmet light and on a head strap for night running or walking.
  • Modes: 4 levels – low / medium/ high / flash.  You can programme to level of brightness to match the type of riding you do. Therefore this light is suitable for multi-use, the low mode can be programmed to be suitable as a road night riding light.
  • Battery: Rechargeable Lithium ion. Recharge after every use. Battery separate to the light. (Not integrated)
  • Riding Time:  At 950 = 2 hours. 600= 3 hours. 250 = 6 hours
  • Mounts:Suited as a handlebar light. Flexible silicon O ring attachment for ease of on and off when you want to head out for a night ride.  Suited for the helmet mount and a head strap.
  • Safety: Low battery indicator1 year warranty.
  • Included in your purchase is: 2-Cell Battery, Smart Charger, Built-in Handlebar Mount, Helmet Mount, Head Strap Mount, Silicone O-Rings, Extension Cable, Wireless Remote
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