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Enjoy a different riding experience at night

Solution for… a versatile helmet or handlebar mounted light that provides amazing brightness.  This light will give you a mountain bike ride time of 4 hours on full beam. It can be used as your second light (in addition to your handlebar light) for mountain bike riding at night and can be used as a night riding light on road, in poorly lit areas or in poor weather conditions.  Ride your favourite trails at night time for a completely different riding experience.

Features: lightweight (69grams) & varying mount options.  Its ease of use offers you lots of flexibility with multiple mode choices and beam widths that you can customise. Operates on a wireless remote.  Gives up to 1200 lumens over a 4hr run time.  Waterproof, shock proof and engineered in NZ.

Combine your HELMET light with a HANDLEBAR Light to give you all the light you need to SAFELY ride the trails at night and SAVE.  Choose the ENDURO LIGHT SET (2 to 10hrs bright modes) or the MTB LIGHT SET (up to 1.5hrs max mode).


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The MTB/Night Bike Light - Helmet Mount is right for you because;

It is a helmet or handlebar mount light that generates 1200 Lumens from a 4 cell Panasonic lithium-ion battery. Panasonic are the world’s leading lithium-ion battery cell manufacturer and their cells are the highest possible quality in terms of energy density, long life and safety.

A great light for any off road trial riding, commute or town night riding including poorly lit areas and bad weather conditions.

Brightness: 1200 lumens (maximum) gives 4 hours run time, 2 X Cree XP-G3 LEDS, 2 Optic system (Spot/Spot) and (Spot/Wide)

Weight: Light=69g, Battery=225g a total of 294g making this light suitable as a helmet light or on a head strap for night running or walking.

Modes: Trail – Low / Medium / High. Special mode: Super Dim. Commute – Low / High. Special mode: Flash (1 Flash every 2 seconds – Flash pattern is High/Low/High). You can programme to level of brightness to match the type of riding you do.  Therefore this light is suitable for multi-use, the low mode can be programmed to be suitable as a road night riding light.

This light should be used in conjunction with a handlebar light when night mountain bike riding. A helmet light will light the surrounding environment and the corners but you must have a bright handlebar light - suggested 2000 lumens plus to light the trail. Only having a helmet light can be dangerous. Ideally ride with a set - one helmet, one handlebar light see Front Light Set MTB here.

Battery: Rechargeable Lithium ion 6800mAh. Recharge after every use. Battery separate to the light (not integrated). The Gloworm Li-Ion battery is compatible with all Gloworm Light systems and Magicshine/Bikeray/Gemini systems.

Riding Time:  At 1200 = 4 hours.

Mounts: Includes helmet mount - base plate, Carbon composite GoPro Mounting Clip, Thumb Screw w/ Nut, velcro strap.  Quick Release Handlebar Mount, 31.8mm (diameter of handlebar).

Safety: Low battery indicator 1 year warranty.  Self protection technology - the light is constantly checking temperature and power output.

Included in your purchase is: Alpha Light Head, 4-Cell Battery, Smart Charger, Handlebar Mount, Helmet Mount, Spare Optic (Spot/Wide), Extension Cable, Wireless Remote, Spare part bag, Hex Tool.

Known as the Gloworm Alpha PLUS. Engineered in New Zealand by Gloworm Lites. 


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