Visibility Bike Jacket


Be visible during the day & when night riding

Solution for…  riding in conditions where you would like to increase your visibility.  All on road & night time riding – around town, commuting, training rides. This is a durable, lightweight and highly waterproof jacket that has been designed as a visibility aid.  This jacket is a great solution for women or youth to keep you feeling safe on your bike. To see the MENS jacket click HERE

Features: Highly waterproof jacket to repel rain and act as a wind block. Highly effective retro-reflective REFLECT360 material that catches light from a vehicle’s headlights and reflects it back towards the driver to help you be seen more clearly at night.  Adjustable sleeve bands & waistband to achieve the perfect, comfortable fit.  Dropped & reflective rear hem for coverage.  We encourage these bright colour choices for traffic riding.

Bike Jacket SIZING GUIDE. Please be aware that jackets made for cycling are smaller in sizing & fit.  YOU MUST MEASURE to get the correct size

Combine your Visibility Bike Jacket with a VISIBILITY LIGHT SET or WINTER GLOVES and SAVE… coming soon

The Visibility Bike Jacket is right for YOU because;

It is the perfect match to traffic, commute, night riding or whenever you would like to be more visible while riding.  This is an all season, any time aid for visibility

This could be standard or E-Bike riding as it is so easy to wear being lightweight.  Great for road riding

Ideal jacket for use to keep you safe & seen.  It adds a layer of windproof protection & is waterproof to 10,000mm, breathable to 10,000 gm/24hr

Hard wearing 100% polyester fabric with TPU waterproofing

A jacket to suit women & youth.  Available in sizes 10 to 16 - cycle jacket slim fit to avoid flapping

Dropped reflective rear hem for great coverage in all riding positions

Full length Water proof storm zip

Side pockets and rear pocket

Velcro® closure at wrists to keep rain water out and give the jacket a great fit

Comfortable fleeced collar to give a sense of warmth in cold conditions

ProVis technology 360REFLECT & reflective logos and trims.  Perfect for low light visibility/night riding/heavy traffic/poor weather - reflecting light back at car headlights

Machine washable... It is important to care for your technical riding gear in the right way... read more about this... How to Wash Your Bike Jacket

This Visibility Bike Jacket is made by ProVis. A cycle apparel company who specialise in reflective gear.



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