Rear Frame Mount Kids Seat


Keep them close while getting a versatile, safe and comfortable rear kids bike seat.

Solution for… a rear mounted child seat that will work for your child from 1 through to 6 years of age.  This wide age range allows you to ride with your child in this position for many years.  No Carrier required  -attaching directly to your bike frame this  rear mounted seat keeps your child close to you on the bike giving them and you a sense of safety.  Great for urban commuting but also to enjoy easy off road trails or pathways.

Features; Made from a unique lightweight, colourful, flexible rubberised foam that keeps them comfortable and is easy for you to clean. Fully adjustable foot strap height and adjustable 5 point shoulder/leg harness.  Also has 3 rear reflectors to increase your visibility when riding in traffic environments.  Comes with frame mounting clamp that attaches via 4 bolts to your seat post requiring approximately 12.5cm of clear space.

Will the Rear Frame Mount Seat fit on YOUR BIKE?  Find out here

Combine your Rear Frame Mount Seat with a 2nd Mounting Bracket (Clamp & Profile) and SAVE.


The Rear Frame Mount Kids Seat is right for YOUR FAMILY because:

A rear mounted seat allows 1 to 6 year olds to ride on your bike with you in a variety of riding environments - very safe & stable for riding in traffic so this seat is a really popular choice for commuting families

Will the Yepp Maxi Fit on Your Bike?  Read this story and find out what you need to know about space & size

Attaches via a sturdy 4 bolt clamp & profile to your seat post tube on your frame, meaning you do not need a rear carrier.  SOLD WITH this adaptor.

Compatible with triangle frames (mens) as well as step through (womens frames)

You can purchase a second clamp so you can easily move the seat between bikes - Rear Seat & Clamp Combo 

Recommended for 1 to 6 years. Note: Children need to be able to support themselves seated to use this seat and be old enough to wear a helmet

Weight range is 9kg to 22kg

5 point adjustable harness system for safety

Adjustable footrests that do not require tools

Made from colourful, flexible rubber foam that is easy to wipe clean and comfortable

Bright colours help with being visible in traffic and 3 rear reflectors are great added safety features

Can be locked to your bike to prevent theft or is easily detached for storage

Everything you need to attach this seat to your bike is included - no special tools are required

Recommended for steel bike frames 51cm (20 inches) or larger.  Not suitable for carbon frames

Material & manufacturing fault guarantee period of 2 years from date of purchase

Known as The Yepp Maxi.  It is a multi-award winning child bike seat made in the Netherlands where they know a thing or two about cycling


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