Bike Safety Vest Sizing Guide 

Please be aware that jackets made for cycling are small in sizing & fit.  YOU MUST MEASURE to get the correct size.  The size you measure to will probably be a larger size than you normally buy.

Bike Safety Vest Measurement

To get the right size vest you must measure.

To do this place a tape measure around the chest and make sure the tape is level all the way around. Measure the circumference at the widest part of your upper chest just under your arm pits.  For a second measurement to help in your decision making and getting a good fit – please measure your waist.

Take the measurement in centimetres.  If you don’t have a tape measure use string or wool then lie this along a ruler.

Size Choice

Consider how you would like to use your vest when selecting size.  A loose fitting UNISEX vest that is designed to be worn with lots of layers underneath it.  Most women will need the smaller sized vests.

We are always here to help.  If you are having trouble deciding which size will work for you.  Please give us a call on 0800 443377 or drop us an email at CONTACT goRide

Bike Safety Vest Sizing

The Bike Safety Vest is a loose fitting vest to be worn over layers of clothing to improve your visibility

Size XS to Small
Chest Measurement
Size Med to Lge
Chest Measurement
101 - 114cm
Size XL - XXL
Chest Measurement

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