Safety Vest for Cycling – Unisex


Be safe and confident when you ride knowing you are visible

Solution for…  adding to your visibility when you ride.  Be seen during the day with this highly visible safety vest for cycling.   It has front & back reflective strips for low light or night riding.  Unisex, loose fit to be worn over your cycling clothes.  Practical, easy to use bike clothing that will give you peace of mind when you ride in traffic.

Features:  Easy fit, velcro front fastening to safely secure the vest.  100% polyester with two wide, 5cm reflective strips.  A lightweight shell designed to fit over your cycling clothing to aid your visibility.

 Safety Vest SIZING GUIDE. A good fit is key to good performance from your riding clothing.


The Safety Vest is right for YOU because;

It is an ideal way to increase your visibility in traffic so it is perfect for commute and town riding

A product that will keep you seen in traffic during the day and has bold reflective strips for night riding

Bold colours catch driver attention and make all road users aware that you are riding

When light hits reflective strips it directs it straight back to the source and basically lights you up

Generous sizing to fit easily over what ever clothing you wear when you ride

Double reflective strips that are attached all the way around - so on the front & back of the garment at mid back/chest & waist height

Easy to use and share with the whole family

The vest will pack down well and it is extremely light weight so can be easily carried to pull on when you ride into traffic areas/on the road

Suits men, women & youth, available in 3 sizes - x-small/small, medium/large, double XL/triple XL,  approximately womens size 14 to 22

It is important to care for your technical riding gear in the right way... read more about this... How to Wash Your Bike Jacket

This Safety Vest is made by Oxford and is known as the Oxford Essential Safety Vest.  Oxford produce a variety of cycling accessories & components for the everyday rider


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