Be visible on the bike

A selection of be safe & be seen products and advice. Important when you ride in traffic, low light, at night, bad weather and wherever a cyclist is unexpected.

Supporting you to get the right bike gear so you are confident that you are visible on the bike. 

Visibility Bike Jacket 

ProVis Womens NightRider Jacket  $195

A versatile must have jacket for riding in traffic, poor weather or at night time.  Wind block, water proof, highly visible – reflective patches… LEARN MORE

Over Vest – Unisex

Oxford Unisex Safety Vest  $29

Be visible by day on your bike & be reflective at night or in low light conditions.  Essential gear for safety in traffic.  Be seen by other road users and you will feel safer… LEARN MORE


Waterproof Over Trousers

ProVis NightRider Trouser   $99

Waterproof, breathable over trousers designed to be worn by cyclists.  Great reflective details for night & traffic riding, seam sealed & zips for easy leg access. Gear that will keep you riding all year round… LEARN MORE

Visibility Rain Cover for Bags

Oxford Bright Cover  $42

Get great visibility products and you will ride more often, in more places.  This cover has several reflective features & is waterproof.  Domes to secure over bags from 12 to 30L… LEARN MORE

Visibility Winter Bike Gloves

Bellweather Climate Control Gloves $49

The perfect winter glove for simple round town, bike path, easy trail riding.  Get the right protection for cool weather & early morning riding… LEARN MORE

Youth/Adult Traffic Helmet

Giro Tremor/Fixture with LIGHT  $169

A helmet that is ideal for youth or adults who predominately ride on the road.  The rear vent light has two modes and is high at the back of the head for increased visibility in traffic… LEARN MORE


Helmets – Choose bright for visibility

Selection of Helmets for Kids/Youth/Men & Women

Choose a bright coloured helmet that will help you be visible. Add bright colours where you can so you will be seen when you ride… LEARN MORE

Visibility Socks

 Madison 3 Season Bike Socks $29

Choose a bright stripy pair of unisex socks that will help you be visible. Add warmth with 3/4 mid calf length merino blend socks that are also bright.  Great size range… LEARN MORE

Night Riding Set – see & be seen

Lezyne 700XL Front & Lezyne Strip Drive Rear. 

A great match to riding in poor light, poor weather or night riding.  If you are a regular commuter this is the light set for you… LEARN MORE

Front Night Riding Light – see by

Lezyne 700XL Front Bike Light $96

The perfect commuting front light, ideal for road night riding and poor weather conditions… LEARN MORE


Rear Night Riding Light – be seen

Lezyne Strip Rear $70

Rear light with flexible attachment. Rechargeable light with excellent light time – prefect for any cyclist riding at night, in low light & poor weather conditions… LEARN MORE 

Rear Stacking Set – be seen

Lezyne Strip Rear and Rear Knog Blinder. 

Stack your 2 rear lights at different vertical heights (seat post, carrier, bag, jacket, helmet) to give you the ultimate in visibility.  Ideal for commuters and regular  night riding, riding in poor visibility and high traffic… LEARN MORE

Visibility Bike Light Set – be seen

 Lezyne Bike Light Set $110

A light set suited to environments that provide some additional light eg. urban areas with street lighting or to be used during the day to increase your visibility…  LEARN MORE

Front Visibility Light – be seen

Lezyne Zecto Drive Front Bike Light $59

A front light suited to environments that provide some additional light eg. urban areas with street lighting. Be seen during the day… LEARN MORE 


Rear Visibility Light – be seen

Lezyne Zecto Drive Rear Bike Light $59

A Rear Light suited to environments that provide some additional light eg. urban areas with street lighting. Be seen during the day… LEARN MORE


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