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Bike Locks for Family & Group Riding

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Families or groups that ride will be challenged when they want to lock up their bikes for any amount of time and explore their environment.  The key to bike lock purchasing will be to look for locks that are flexible in their use.  Length is also very important. So what are the best bike locks for family riding or for group riding?  Read on to find out…

Family Riding Environments

The age of your children will influence where it is that you tend to ride with them.  Families will generally be exploring interesting, fun kind of areas that are relatively safe from the risk of traffic.  Bike paths, off road trails, pump tracks and mountain bike parks are some of the more common types of places you will find yourself when riding with the family.  These places can be a bit isolated meaning that there is not a lot of people around.  Thieves will either be taking an opportunity or be hitting a regular ‘spot’ they know bikes may be.  All you have to do is come prepared by choosing to lock your bikes.

Access to fixed objects will be variable and the types of fixed objects will also vary.  For travelling families you will also need to be able to secure your bikes to the car.  Or if you are bike touring/multi day riding secure your bikes overnight.

Atawhai shared pathway family riding trafalgar goride

Multiple bikes on a day out riding

Multiple Bikes on Bike Rack. Family Bike Locks. goRide

Multiple bikes on a bike rack

Bike Lock Options for Family or Group Riding

Choose Length – Length is your friend when it comes to multiple bikes, 1.5m+.  Long cable locks are ideal in this type of situation and with any more than 3 bikes you will probably need more than one long cable lock.  One is used to secure all the bikes to each other, the other is used to secure one bike to your fixed object.  You will also need a long cable lock if your ‘fixed’ object is a bit unusual which can happen when out exploring with the family – we often use trees.  Long cable locks are great for car racks to easily thread through the bikes and onto the bike rack – which needs to be securely fixed to the car.

Choose Multiple Locks – For all other types of locks (locks without length) you will definitely need more than one.  So it could be an option that everyone in the family or group needs to carry their own preferred type of lock and all the bikes are locked up individually.  Read more about The Best Way to Lock Your Bike to see what might work for your family.  This also depends on the age of your children and the size of bikes you are dealing with.

Bike Locks For Family or Group Riding – What We Recommend

Magnum Non-Coiling 2.2m Cable & D-Lock Set $49.00

Length is your friend when it comes to multiple bikes, and this non-coiling cable is 2.2m long.  It has looped ends for use with the Magnum Sold Secure Silver rated D-Lock.  Non-coiling cables make it really easy to thread the cable through parts of the bikes.   This type of length is ideal for wrapping your cable around larger than normal fixed objects… LEARN MORE about the Magnum Cable & D Lock   

Cable & D-Lock set. Family & group riding. goRide

Magnum 2.2m long non-coiling cable lock & Sold Secure Silver D-Lock

HipLok Security Ties Single $19.95, Twin Pack $29.95

So lightweight and portable you won’t even know you are carrying them.  So versatile in their use.  Whether it’s joining two bikes together or securing a bike to the bike rack frame on your car.  Great to use in combination with a long cable lock in any multiple bike situation.  LEARN MORE about HipLok Security Ties

HipLok 2 Pack. Lime. goRide

Reusable security ties – lightweight, multi use

HipLok Z on bike rack. goRide

Variety of uses & easy to use

get Ready and goRide –  Bike Locks For Family Riding

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