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Kids Bike Pants – Do they need them?

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When kids are doing something they love they can just keep at it forever.  My task orientated boy highlighted this during the recent summer holidays when he basically never got off his bike.  For 6 mornings in a row the first words out of his mouth were, ‘Can we do “Jaws” today?’ (Jaws is a super fun, flowing track in Kaiteriteri Mountain Bike Park, Tasman).  On would go his kids bike pants and off out the door to get his bike ready.

Now this is great but boy, his poor wee body.  Spring time had bought with it a lot of wind and rain.  This meant we had spent hardly any time on the bikes and now here he was practically attached to it.

What helped?  Well for all his bits down there, his bike pants.

Do they need kids bike pants? Here are 3 reasons for.. Yes


In my experience kids bike pants provide protection where it’s needed.  Yes they add an element of comfort but because children are so light weight they get less of a pain in their sit bones than adults.  What I’ve heard families talk about for both girls and boys is squashed bits (think of squashed soft tissue from being on a bike seat for a long time).  Also they can get chaffing around the soft tissue area because of sweat and issues with cotton underwear (see our story on Fabric for Activewear).  This is the main benefit of kids bike pants, and an important one.  It really influences the ability of your kids to enjoy longer distances and/or multiple days riding.

Kids are riding more in a variety of biking conditions

With the huge advances in bike technology over the past 15 years , and that you get more for your money, kids can now ride bikes with gearing & suspension.  This allows them to go long distances and places they wouldn’t have been able to get to before.

The infrastructure for biking opportunities has changed dramatically. There are so many more purpose built, safe, off road options to ride on.  Children are now regularly riding on trails or in areas like:

  • one of the fantastic NZ Cycle Trail rides.  Read these stories about riding these trails with kids Alps to Ocean, WestCoast Wilderness Trail, Nelson to Kaiteriteri
  • cycle pathways around your city or town
  • mountain bike parks catering for beginners.  Read our Craters of the Moon, Taupo, story for an example of families mountain biking together
  • family biking holidays to cycle hubs e.g. Nelson/Kaiteri, Rotorua/Taupo, Queenstown, Hanmer Springs.

They like to be like Mum or Dad

Like adults children enjoy wearing clothing that is designed for a specific task and if riding is their main sport or a big part of what you choose to do as a family padded riding pants should be considered.  It prepares them mentally for what’s about to come and makes them feel a part of the group.  They see adults wearing bike pants so want to be a part of that coummunity too.  The fun colours of goUnders also makes them smile…



Kids Bike Pants. goUnders. goRide

goRides kids padded bike underwear – goUnders – wear under there everyday clothes.

Kids goUnders Chamois goRide 600w

Kids specific padding (chamois)

get inspired cycle kids Nelson Kaiteriteri Great Taste Bike Trail New Zealand bridge crossing goRide

Kids enjoying multi-day long distance riding wearing goUnders

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