Ride safely with a Bike Tow Rope.

The Tow Whee Bike Tow Rope is used to tow a child or an adult on a trailing bike. It provides a safe and smooth towing experience.
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Welcome. A Bike Tow Rope is a fantastic solution for taking kids places they may struggle to go.  Ideal for smoothly and safely assisting them up hills, over distances, through windy conditions or just to keep up with older siblings. It is lightweight and compact making it an easy to carry item.

A Bike Tow Rope can attach to ALL bikes

To safely use any towing device you firstly need to understand how it is attached and how it works once attached. goRide has attached the Bike Tow Rope to a variety of bikes so we understand the experience and any challenges. See goRide Tips for Attaching a Bike Tow Rope

For more information on why you would choose to use a bike tow rope please read A Bike Tow Rope – Make Biking Easier for Kids


Safely Use a Bike Tow Rope

Before your First Ride

Before you ride make sure that you understand how to successfully attach the Tow Rope to both the lead and the trailing bike.  As the adult you will control the experience so you need to be aware of the risks and any potential danger.  Take some time now to practice connecting the tow rope, handling & working with it until you feel confident in using it.  

First Ride with a Passenger

The tow rope is designed to be used when two bikes are following each other.  Make it clear to the trailing rider that to be safe they must remain behind the lead bike.  Disconnect before going down hill.

In a safe environment with plenty of space and away from any traffic practice. Begin slowly and focus on clear communication techniques.

Communication: Communication is key in successfully towing with a tow rope, this involves the lead rider being very verbal during the ride.  Always communicate starting or stopping in a loud voice.  Choose instructions that suit your family for starting – either ready, steady, GO or count 1, 2, 3 GO.  The trailing rider can make this starting call so you know they are ready.  Make sure the trailing person/child is aware of stopping or any slowing down.  It is also really important to let the trialing rider know about any small down hill sections – they may have to use their brakes to stay behind you.  Remind them every time with clear instructions, like “braking now”.

As the tow rope is generally used off road in a mountain bike environment it is a good idea to practice emergency stopping.  What word will you use if either rider has to suddenly stop.  We suggest it is different from your controlled stopping, braking to slow down call e.g. if either of you shout the word STOP it means right away, full brakes.

Everyday Riding

Safety: Inspect the fabric and attachments for wear & tear before every ride.  Inspect the structures you choose to anchor the tow rope to every time you attach the tow rope to bikes.

Communication: Repeat/go over your communication calls.  Young kids will need to be reminded of how important it is to stay behind you when being towed.


We’re here to help.  If installing your bike tow rope has raised some questions for you.  Please call us on 021 025 15576 or 0800 44 33 77 or CONTACT us via email

Enjoy the family time and memories that you will create with a Bike Tow Rope. goRide, supporting women and families to SMILE when you ride. 

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